Fireworks lacked

any true meaning

Our Fourth of July celebration is a day to remember and enjoy for the right reason.

I am sure everyone enjoyed the fireworks display from the Hilton El Conquistador in Oro Valley. I attended the celebration there. It was very well done.

But to my dismay, there was not one American flag to be seen, not one salute to our armed forces, and most infuriating, the national anthem was not played before or during the performance.

I am appalled at this insult to our national heritage.

Making money on national holidays is acceptable, but to not acknowledge the reason is deplorable.

Philip Russo

Retired veteran, Tucson

Opposition to F-35

is ill-informed

Re: the July 5 letter “Wonder about the F-35? Arrange a flyover.”

My response to the writer asking that Tucson’s elected officials arrange a flyover of the F-35 to hear the noise impact is a simple one: You should have gone to the environmental impact hearing a couple of years ago and you would have had all the data you need.

At that hearing, the results were that the noise decibels were virtually the same as the F-22’s. Call me crazy, but I would certainly take an official scientist’s study over some New Mexico resident’s “gut feeling” to determine the noise difference.

I’ll conclude by telling the writer that the continued opposition to the F-35 here in Tucson does nothing but put Davis-Monthan in further danger.

If he keeps it up, maybe he can arrange another flyover in a few years. This one over an abandoned and forgotten Davis-Monthan airbase.

Ken McCall

Veteran, Tucson

Segal’s signs have

website on the back

Re: the July 6 letter “Segal’s signs don’t meet legal requirement.”

As treasurer for the Committee to Re-elect Anne Segal Justice of the Peace and her husband, I very much appreciate Brian Bickel’s letter to the editor pointing out the new laws regarding the need to include the candidate’s website on political signs. Anne Segal does not accept any contributions for her re-election campaign as justice of the peace.

To save money, and to be thoughtful of the environment, the committee recycles her signs for every campaign. Since she has been a judge for 10 years, some of the signs are quite old.

I have written the website for the Committee to Re-elect Anne Segal Justice of the Peace on the back of the signs to be in full compliance. If I have missed any, the public can contact me through the website,

Robert Segal

Physician, Tucson

Stop trying to solve

all the world’s problems

I am a proud son and second- generation American of Mexican descent. This is the best country in the world, and we have always been a nation of immigrants.

The invasion not only from Central America, but of people around the world who claim all sorts of hardships, is sad but not our problem. If America were to send the children from our poorest barrios and ghettos, they would be sent back.

We must take care of our American children first and stop trying fix the world’s problems. The failure of governments globally is not America’s problem, or the current administration’s.

To be an American citizen is a privilege, not a right. Let us never cheapen this right by bypassing many who have waited and earned that right. Those who disagree should go to the shelters and adopt those families and support them. If I don’t stand for something, I’ll fall for anything. God help us all.

Francisco M. Garcia

Chef, Tucson

Who is showing

real courage?

Question: What group of people exhibit true courage? The elected officials who use the human lives of people from Latin America who cross our borders as nothing more than pingpong balls to further their own political careers while trying to damage the political party they oppose?

The people from Latin America who, knowing of the dangers that await them on their journey to the U.S., decide to risk their lives and the lives of their children and make the journey anyway, and have no political aspirations whatsoever?

Visit with some of the people at the Greyhound station. Hear their stories. I did. I was able to answer my own question with ease.

Bob Feinman

Trade consultant, Tucson

Palo Verde High pothole

just grows . . . and grows

Back in March, I contacted the city Department of Transportation about a pothole in front of Palo Verde High School (where I teach). The person I talked to assured me the city had it on its “to-do” list and would take care of it.

The pothole, on Avenida Vega near 22nd Street and right in front of the school, has caused TUSD buses and cars to either swerve around it or bang into it. The pothole is now 3 feet across and has grown a “baby brother” right next to it.

Now, four months later, nothing has been done. With just over three weeks until the start of school, will anything be done about it ?

John Tadlock

Special education teacher and coach, Tucson