Headline on Robinson column was racist

First my qualifications: I am a registered Democrat of the liberal/progressive tribe. I am a most-of-the-time supporter of President Obama and an almost-all-the-time defender of him. And yes, some of my best friends have been black.

I'm writing to protest the headline on the Jan. 22 Eugene Robinson article. "Seeing a black president re-elected is wondrous feeling" is, in my opinion, unacceptably racist.

I can't imagine a headline four years from now reading "At last - a white president!" Imagine the response to that!

Think about it: Racism is racism, and we on the left don't get and shouldn't expect a free pass on the matter.

Eliot Kohen

Retired, Tucson

'Well regulated' means what it says

Re: the Jan. 22 letter to the editor "Gov't has no authority to restrict guns."

It seems the letter writer has lumped himself in with a large group of people who are only able to read parts of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

They seem to always be able to find the line that states "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

I don't know if they all own a redacted copy from the NRA, or if they are just incapable of reading the first line, which states, "A well regulated militia ..."

I would ask the writer, what part of "well regulated" means the government has no right to regulate the weapons that are for sale to the general public?

Joseph Ryan

Retired telecom tech, Tucson


Abortion opponents should care about kids

Re: the Jan. 18 article "Anti-abortion group ranks Arizona as 5th-best state."

So anti-abortionists rank Arizona fifth best. Best at having babies born who are unwanted, unloved, often abused and abandoned to go heaven knows where?

Best at women having nowhere to turn when they are impregnated because some people have a belief about abortion and they insist that others suffer the results of their beliefs?

But where are they when that unwanted child is born and needs nurturing and love? They have no program to assist these unwilling mothers, to help them raise this child financially and emotionally so it stands some chance in life to develop into a productive, well-rounded individual.

Many of these children end up abandoned and go into foster care, which isn't always much better; others often end up in prison, having had a difficult life.

They read words out of the Bible to proclaim their right to end abortion. The Bible doesn't discuss "aftercare," but just being human should make it obligatory on any anti-choice person to help care for these poor, undesired little ones.

Anne Perrin

Corona de Tucson

Kozachik's headed in right (correct) direction

Re: the Jan. 17 article "Tucson official would ban gun shows from facility."

When Steve Kozachik was first elected to the City Council, I was concerned because he came from a right-wing frame of mind. And then, when I saw him being interviewed so often by the media - much more often than other city council members - I became additionally concerned.

But I gradually found I was agreeing with what he had to say, what he proposed. So it's satisfying to see (it gives me confidence in my perceptions) that he has changed parties.

Now, if we could just get some of his DNA injected into the state Legislature. It would give me some hope that our muddled state leadership would have a chance to head in the right - scratch that - correct direction.

Don Gerlach

Retired, Tucson

Rep. Smith should study US Constitution

Re: the Jan. 22 article "Ariz. bill would outlaw US firearms enforcement."

In response to Rep. Steve Smith's proposed legislation attempting to make Arizona law prevail over federal gun law, I too have a proposal:

1) Any person seeking election to the state Legislature must show a working knowledge of the United States Constitution.

2) Any piece of legislation purporting to make Arizona law superior to federal law must explain how it evades the Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Section 2).

3) If such legislation should pass, the original sponsor of the bill must personally pay for defense of the law when it is inevitably challenged and struck by the courts, rather than burden the Arizona taxpayers with the costs.

Patricia A. Hemann

Retired magistrate judge,

Green Valley

Cowardly of NRA to spotlight Obama girls

Re: the Jan. 18 "Fact Check."

The NRA leaders are despicable, craven cowards to increase the risk of threats against the Obama girls by highlighting their vulnerability in these latest attack ads against their dad.

Those girls have armed guards (aka the Secret Service) for a reason, and every American knows it. It is not just to protect them, but to protect America from having our president held hostage by fear for their safety.

That's why it is not the call of any individual president, but is the law.

Take on somebody your own size.

Claudia Ellquist and John M. Yoakum