Is anyone else tired

of political negativity?

Do the candidates know the role of the state governor? Surely it is campaign time: Mudslinging, finger-pointing and confusing conversations ensue.

Most of the candidates for governor seem to feel their opponent is President Obama or officials in Washington. Indeed, national issues abound.

This election is closer to home. As state leaders, governors advance and pursue new and revised policies and programs including health, education and welfare of state residents. Tools include executive orders, executive budgets, and legislative proposals and vetoes.

When will the candidates address state issues? What are their goals? What makes her or him more qualified than other contenders? Does anyone know how to campaign while being respectful?

Someday, perhaps, “we the people” will demand it. There must be others who are tired of negativity.

Diane Davies

Retired, Tucson

Fitz cartoon reveals

Star’s liberal bias

Re: the Fitzsimmons cartoon for July 29, 2014

Fitz’s cartoon on the death penalty only underscores the liberal bias of the Arizona Daily Star.

Just when is the death penalty appropriate? Perhaps if there were less mollycoddling of this whole process, maybe, just maybe, it might act as a deterrent of the most heinous crimes.

Wayno Guerrini

Retired, Tucson

Capital punishment

serves no good purpose

Numerous studies have shown that vengeance does not ease the inevitable grief process for bereaved families; it just postpones it. More importantly, attempting to justify putting a human being to death by pointing at the brutality of the crime misses the point. This debate is not about the deeds of the killer, but about us — our response as a society. It’s about who we are and how we want to be perceived; as a country, as a society and as people. If killing is wrong, it’s wrong, and lowering ourselves to the killer’s level rather than elevating our own game is lazy, hypocritical and immoral, and makes us outliers in the civilized world.

Carol Conniff

Retired, Tucson

GOP is hurting the nation

by opposing Obama

As a naturalized immigrant to the U.S. since 1972, I have seen eight politicians in the Oval Office as presidents. Barack Obama stands unequivocally superior to all the others in all manner of qualifications, from his brilliant mind to his moral attributes.

The GOP’s efforts to undermine his every effort to help the American people and the goals of peace in the world are detrimental to all. Current efforts to sue and impeach him are revolting and show the monumental injustice of his opponents’ attitudes and actions.

These injustices are aimed not only at the president, but at all constituents who end up suffering the consequences of the GOP’s irresponsible actions. We have seen opposition like this in the history of this nation, specifically with Abraham Lincoln, who suffered untold attacks and was called a traitor, among other epithets. History repeats itself.

It is my hope that this initiative will be defeated by its own littleness and crookedness.

Cecilia Valenzuela Gee

Retired educator, Tucson

APS’ ‘free’ offer

is a lousy one

Re: the July 30 article “Utility proposes free rooftop solar panels”

This is another example of APS trying to kill the solar industry. Remember when APS wanted to charge the solar customers $50 per month for being on their system, which would probably kill the industry? Fortunately the ACC put a stop to that request.

Now APS wants to give “free” solar panels to their customers who do not receive the energy that the panels produce because this energy goes directly into APS’ grid. Of course the customer will receive a whopping $30 per month for the use of their roofs. Anyone who wants to degrade his or her roof for $30 per month and not receive the energy that is produced needs to think real hard about this “free” offer.

How would you feel if your company was competing in the free market and now suddenly is having to be in competition with a regulated monopoly? APS’ new idea is to simply to kill all the businesses that sell or lease solar systems.

Michael Cooper

Retired, Tucson