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July 03, 2014 12:00 am

Time is right to demand sergeant’s release

Last week a Mexican military helicopter accidentally crossed the U.S. border and “accidentally” fired shots at four U.S. Border Patrol agents near a well-marked Border Patrol vehicle, using guns the helicopter crew illegally transported into the U.S. and illegally possessed during their short visit.

Now is the most appropriate time for the U.S. government to demand that Mexico immediately return Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who similarly accidentally crossed the border into Mexico with weapons in his possession. Mexico has absolutely no excuse at this point to detain Sgt. Tahmooressi another minute.

Cindy Coping

Rancher, Tucson

Politicians appeal to misinformed among us

Politicians advocating walls and weapons as a defense against the migrant adults and children (whom Bishop Gerald Kicanas describes as “penniless, hungry, dehydrated and without adequate clothing”) are competing for votes, like tyrants amassing a lynch mob. They appeal to the misinformed and fearful electorate, urging Arizonans to teach impoverished families not to invade the territory we claim is ours.

The endless hours of charitable service, provided in many forms by empathic Tucsonans, cannot possibly put an end to the misery created by ignorance, greed and indifference to poverty.

Hopefully, the recent flood of desperate children will at least move us to educate men and women in methods of birth control. And perhaps the innocent children in need of help will lead us to replace fear and cruelty with courage and compassion as a problem-solving guide.

Gretchen Nielsen

Writer, Tucson

Boy, 5, doesn’t deserve sexual misconduct label

Re June 29 article: “Arizona school district punishes child for ‘sexual misconduct.’”

A 5-year old boy pulled his pants down on the playground. How is that anything more than a 5-year-old acting like 5-year-old? He received detention (OK) and a “sexual misconduct label” that now remains on his “permanent school file” (not OK). Guilty of nakedness does not equate to sexual misconduct.

This overreaction by the Dysart School District is absurd. This child may very well turn out to be a bit of a handful growing up, but some of our best and brightest have a history of thinking/acting outside the box. (I know, I raised one and it can be challenging at times). What he doesn’t deserve is being labeled as a sexual deviant. Oh, did I mention, the child is five.

Dana Whitson

Registered nurse, Oro Valley

Court retaliates with Hobby Lobby decision

I am appalled at the Supreme Court’s decision to side with Hobby Lobby and other businesses like them, as they now have the power to dictate their religious beliefs on others.

A woman with low-income and few employment options now has the burden of asking what her health insurance options are. Since having a child could be a major economical burden, her options are now limited to where a company’s beliefs lie. A potential or current employer now has the power to make personal decisions despite an employee’s beliefs.

I shudder to think where this will lead. Let’s face it, this decision was a two-pronged retaliation — one against women making personal choices (i.e., birth control) and one against the Affordable Care Act, or to be more succinct, President Obama. I do not choose to impose my belief system on others and resent others trying to do so on me. Beliefs vary. Voice your opinion at the voting polls where change can and must be made.

Norma Guest

Retired, Tucson

Let’s use old schools for struggling Tucsonans

I applaud Adelita Grijalva’s suggestion to use the TUSD schools that have closed for housing the immigrant children, but I believe we should go a step further and consider using the unused space to also house the homeless veterans and women and children who are struggling in our community. Over a year ago I suggested this to a connected friend and thought the idea might take off. I’m glad to see someone else may get the ball rolling.

Susan DeHart

Engineering technician, Tucson

This state needs Arizona Public Media

Dear President Ann Weaver Hart,

With a heavy heart I read that the university will substantially cut funding for Arizona Public Media. I learn something every day from NPR and PBS. I bump up my annual contribution each year. Each day I record the “NewsHour,” (still call it MacNeil/Lehrer, of course), Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers and other such. For donkey’s years, I have followed British comedy. And what about “Mystery!” and “American Masters?” How to get through without the classical music on 90.5?

In the Bay Area for 30 years, I witnessed NPR’s changeover from the classics to news. There were no locally generated programs at all, such as our “The Desert Speaks” and the new, promising “Arizona Week.”

Arizona is a state that needs all the intellectual rigor it can get, in an era of national and global turmoil. It is ironic that this invaluable source of education, AZPM, is to be weakened by an invaluable university.

Please look at those figures again, President Hart.

Judith Whipple

Retired editor, Green Valley

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