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November 06, 2013 12:00 am

State needs to ban texting while driving

Re: the Nov. 1 article “Trucker using Facebook at time of deadly crash.”

And now we have a dead police officer because some self-absorbed “driver” chose to operate an 18-wheel truck while looking at photos on his phone.

Will the Legislature ever enact tough laws against this sort of moronic behavior? Will it take more deaths to get our representatives to do something?

We scream about gun control and drunken driving but not a peep about something even more dangerous. I think it’s long past time for some action.

A. Roy Olson

Technical writer, Tucson

Hard to believe Obama

Perhaps President Obama was not lying when he said we’d get to keep our health insurance plans and doctors under the Affordable Care Act. But we have a rule in the advertising business: It’s not enough to make it possible for people to understand. You must make it impossible for people to misunderstand.

For the president not to realize in real time that he was at best muddling things up is too hard to believe. It would be like saying a commander in chief doesn’t get informed that there’s a seven-hour terrorist attack going on at a U.S. embassy. By the way, wouldn’t it be great to hear from whoever made that call to the boss that we were being attacked ... before they write a book five years from now?

Jay Taylor

Advertising, Tucson

We wouldn’t want

to drive ‘Obamacars’

Imagine a law permitting you to drive only what politicians considered the safest cars: let’s say four-door sedans with power steering, anti-lock brakes, automatic transmissions and permanent child safety-seats (even if you never have child passengers).

Call them “Obamacars.” Manufacturers could offer you different engine sizes and trim levels, but nothing else. Totalitarian and un-American, right?

Image the law’s sponsors had assured you, “if you like the car you have, you can keep it, period.” But, buried in the 2,700-page bill, there were exceptions they never mentioned: you could only keep a car you had three years ago, before the law was passed. If you bought a new sports car, you had to trade it for an Obamacar.

They lied to you, right? That’s Obamacare.

Peter Strong

Retired lawyer, Tucson

Pitching in for schools

Re: the Oct. 31 editorial “Show your support for schools with a little sweat equity.”

Van Buskirk Elementary Principal Sandra Thiffault could point out volunteers who arrived ahead of the organized district mobilization when her elementary school was hit by a storm. Within hours, a nearby church provided 30 worshipers to sort out damaged books, pack and move furniture. Neighborhood businesses also chipped in, with FedEx’s shipping depot providing packing supplies and a Fry’s store ensuring volunteers were fed and hydrated in 100-plus weather.

Tucson is indeed altruistic, with neighbors helping one another. I’m thankful to the people and businesses who step up to provide whatever it takes. Now we must turn our attention to other schools. How good it would be to join in and be one of those awesome, tireless Tucsonans, new or native!

Susie Baker

Retired, Tucson

It’s time city woke up

to DES reimbursements

Re: the Oct. 28 article “Solution near for Sun Van fare-hike issue?”

Why were none of our elected officials — or their staff — aware of the reimbursement program offered by the Department of Economic Security?

The users of Sun Van would pay nothing and Sun Van would receive $18 per round trip. Rep. Ethan Orr, who presented this to the city, estimates Tucson would receive $1.5 million to $2 million per year. It seems elected officials are more interested in how to spend money rather than how to increase revenue.

Dale Hutchings

Retired CPA, Tucson

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