To fight poverty, educate parents

Thank you for the excellent series on poverty. It showed clearly the link between educated, caring adults and a child’s success.

Five hundred volunteer reading tutors will help, but nothing is more powerful than an involved parent. Currently, there is funding for children’s education and for adult remedial education. But funding has been decimated for family literacy programs that integrate parenting, academics and school involvement.

An intensive model that partners the child’s classroom with the adult classroom may seem expensive, but it is not.

Katy Brown

Instructor, Pima Community College Adult Education

Congress should try the uninsured life

John Boehner recently commented that citizens “need some relief, too” after the vote to delay the individual health insurance mandate for another year until 2015.

The “relief” citizens really need is the ability to insure themselves and their families at reasonable premium cost against health catastrophes without being declined because of pre-existing conditions. Many, like those approaching Medicare age eligibility, are clinging to the hope that nothing hits them health-wise until they are eligible.

Only two Arizona legislators in the House voted against this unconscionable delay: Reps. Raúl Grijalva and Ed Pastor. What are the others — including Reps. Ron Barber, Ann Kirkpatrick and Kyrsten Sinema — thinking?

Perhaps the only way for our political representatives to understand the depth of this problem is to have their own taxpayer-funded health coverage involuntarily terminated and then be forced to navigate the experience of getting coverage for themselves and their families.

Raymond Graap

Physician, Tucson

Lets be clear

on energy jobs

During an interview with the New York Times President Obama made reference to the Keystone oil pipeline, to be constructed with private funds, saying that if built it would create only 50 permanent jobs. Too bad nobody asked him how many permanent jobs our country’s multimillion-dollar investment in Solyndra created.

Richard R. Gallimore

Retired civil engineer, SaddleBrooke

Guns on buses

are just too scary

Re: the Aug. 1 article “Group protests allowing weapons on city buses.”

The article tells of an incident when a man got on a Sun Tran bus with a loaded AR-15 and with his finger near the trigger. Charles Heller, of the pro-gun-rights Arizona Citizens Defense League, said “the protesters are using an emotional argument in an attempt to take away the rights of gun owners.”

If Heller thinks it’s all OK, I would ask him that if it was him or someone he loved who was sitting on a bus with a man with a loaded AR-15, would he still be OK with it? I would seriously doubt so!

Stuart Thomas

Retired, Tucson

Tucson council fumbles the ball

Let’s run a quick tally over the last few months. The city of Mesa sold 160 acres to Grand Canyon University for a new campus (revenue and new jobs created). The city of Tempe is moving forward with expanding a great relationship and facilities with USA Soccer (revenue and jobs created). The Tucson City Council approved two new lookouts and other improvements to Sentinel Peak Park.

I am sure both new lookouts will have great views of the bridge to nowhere. Great job! You guys are knocking it out of the park for us!

Yolanda Dison

Oro Valley