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September 07, 2013 12:00 am

State agency wrong to kill javelinas

Re: the Sept. 5 article “7 aggressive javelinas killed on east side.”

The killing of seven javelinas is a travesty and unconscionable. To state that killing the javelinas (killing the adults and leaving the babies without their parents) is better than relocation is ridiculous and does not make sense. What the Arizona Game and Fish Department did is murder them, plain and simple. If people are stupid enough to leave garbage out, of course animals will try to get the food inside. This not only happens here in Tucson but everywhere else. For an agency that is supposed to protect wildlife, Game and Fish is doing a very bad job, first by killing a gray wolf and now the javelinas. Every legal means should be used to investigate what happened.

Zachary Shnek

Psychologist, Marana

Civilians must not pay

for Assad’s sins

What do we accomplish if we fire missiles into Syria? Since we are told that the Assad regime is moving military targets into populated areas, it is very likely that our missiles will kill and injure innocent Syrian civilians. So we punish Assad for attacking his people with chemical weapons by killing his people with traditional weapons?

I know from personal experience that people, especially children, who are on the receiving end of hostile bombardment quickly develop a very strong survival skill — hatred for the aggressor. Can America afford more hatred? The Syrian people deserve better. America deserves better.

Mary Norman

Retired, Tucson

Impact of mining

evident on AZ streams

Re: the Sept. 3 article “Rosemont won’t harm key creek and canyon, Forest Service asserts.”

While the public has not yet had the opportunity to review the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Rosemont Mine, the apparent reliance on analytical models to project the impacts of the mine is troubling. Models rely on assumptions that are often flawed, based on limited data and are subject to biases.

Hopefully, the Forest Service’s conclusions will be grounded in robust science coupled with observational and historical references, and the broader body of knowledge related to Arizona’s mining legacy. A visit to any number of stream segments located downstream of mining operations — Burro Creek, French Gulch, Mule Gulch, Pinal Creek, Pinto Creek or the San Francisco River — provides a sobering reminder of the threats posed by large-scale mining operations.

Sheldon D. Clark

Consultant, Vail

Why measure rainfall at the airport?

I question how the National Weather Service reports rainfall in the Tucson region. Why was Tucson International Airport chosen as the official site for reporting rainfall?

We have large monsoon storms all over Tucson, yet when you read the Daily Star the next day, the rainfall is reported as “zero” or “trace.” The airport sits in the middle of a desert, miles from downtown Tucson. Almost nothing grows there, as opposed to the vast majority of land in the Tucson metro area.

We need to have a more accurate reading of rainfall in Tucson. I’d suggest somewhere near the University of Arizona or Reid Park.

Steve Sollenberger

Retired, Tucson

Contraceptives needed to combat poverty

Many factors suggest there are limited resources for government funding, business development for better paying jobs and education to enable one to acquire skills for these jobs.

What threatens society and especially those in poverty is inadequate fertility control. Efforts should be directed toward technological development of safe oral contraceptives for both women and men where the dosing is accessible, affordable and does not require taking more than once per month. It would appear that this could be one factor that might allow these single and married men and women to rise above the poverty level.

Kathleen Storrie

Retired nurse, Tucson

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