Killer story didn’t belong on front page

Re: the Oct. 23 article “Killer of 6 in 1996 set to be executed.”

Why put this on the front page? I really don’t want to start my day looking at a picture of someone who cares so little for human life that they go out and murder six people.

Why give him the publicity of a front page story saying that he’s going to be executed? With all due respect to the families of the people he murdered, who cares!

The placement is also questionable by being next to a very uplifting story about Sami Madden and people with limb differences. Maybe I’m missing something here, but this was in bad taste to me. Yes, I can avoid reading the article, but it’s hard not to see it when it’s on the front page.

Pat O’Connor


Edition version on front page perplexing

Every morning on page A1 of your daily paper, just to the right of the Arizona Daily Star’s logo, I can’t help but notice the word “final.” And yet, the next morning, there’s another edition. I really hope you continue to be wrong.

Tony Pelren

Green Valley

Demand that wolves remain listed

Re: the Oct. 1 guest column “US agency’s actions making wolf recovery even less likely.”

An epic American success story is about to turn tragic. As your guest column highlights, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to prematurely delist the gray wolf throughout the U.S.

At the dawn of the 20th century, millions of gray wolves were slaughtered across the West. As the century progressed and science realized the importance of the wolf to Western lands, the American public demanded the wolf — then teetering on extinction — be restored.

It is well documented that since, the land has been made healthier and adjacent economies benefit from wolf tourism.

Yet the service is defying the many scientists who support keeping wolves listed as well as the majority of Arizonans who champion wolves. Their reasons defy logic and democracy. Worse, they have not scheduled public hearings in Arizona.

This American success cannot be derailed. I urge readers to call elected officials. Demand wolves remain listed as endangered and that the service hold hearings in Arizona.

Scotty Johnson

Writer, Tucson

D-M wouldn’t be wise choice for F-35

Re: the Sept. 30 guest column “F-35 would be less of a problem with quieter engine Congress cut.”

Arizona has already “landed” the F-35, basing it at Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix and at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. To also use somewhere as unsuitable as Davis-Monthan for F-35 operations would be risky, inefficient and intrusive of federal government.

D-M is an old base in the wrong place. Yet it would make an ideal aerospace commercial park, as discussed by Steve Farley back in his October 2005 guest column “Is it time to say goodbye to D-M?” in the Daily Star.

There, he quoted figures from the Base Realignment and Closure Committee for increased revenues realized for local economies by the redevelopment of military installations.

Mark Lochrin

Designer, Tucson