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June 14, 2013 12:00 am  • 

When breaking in is a good deed

What an amazing hero day! First, 105-degree desert heat and locked out of F-150 truck for 1 1/2 hours! Just loaded in $200 worth of food, turned on air conditioning to full throttle on passenger side and (oops) door slams closed, with everything inside.

Thankfully, after many "good" Walmart customer service ideas including taking a hammer to window, a commercial sales manager with Pep Boys was asked if he could break into trucks.

Thank you forever, Alex Figueroa, for jamming open the small back window for me to crawl through. What are a few skin burns after that much fun?

Kathryn Pedron


Affordable Care Act best bet for insurance

Re: the June 3 editorials "Exploring possible pitfall of Affordable Care Act."

Both writers got it wrong. For young or unemployed people, signing up for health insurance is not a "choice" or "decision." It's purely, can I afford it? No young person thinks he will never get sick or have an accident; no young person wants to gamble on a huge hospital bill.

Young people are smart enough to know that everyone needs health coverage. But it's not available at the $200 monthly premium the writer so casually listed. The other writer was all in favor of single-payer insurance, which has always been the best solution. But he slammed the Democrats for supporting the Affordable Care Act, while it was the Republicans who prevented single payer from being on the table. 

Stop listening to the rhetoric and focus on the fact: Everyone needs health insurance. Everyone would buy it if it was affordable and not linked only to employment. Support ACA, it's our only option now.

Leslie Hunten


Congress mimicking Coolidge's style

It seems to me the tea party goes back to Calvin Coolidge-style laissez-faire government. In reading I came across a Walter Lippman quote that sums up our present Congress: "Coolidge's genius for inactivity is developed to a very high point. It is far from being an indolent inactivity. It is a grim, determined, alert activity, which keeps Mr. Coolidge constantly occupied."

Just substitute Congress for Coolidge and I believe that gives an accurate picture.

Kay J. Van Houten

Retired teacher, Tucson

Police, prosecutors must enforce gun laws

Re: the June 5 guest column "Why proposed gun curbs are unenforceable - and how to fix the problem."

I thank Aram Chorebanian for his service but suggest he return his National Rifle Association membership, or better yet, trade it for a history book or two.

While the Second Amendment does not specifically cite the guns "allowed," the writings of those who created and debated the amendment do. Specifically, those commonly useful for military purposes are the intent, as verified by the Supreme Court in the opinion behind banning sawed-off shotguns.

Registration has also been found, at least in lower courts, to violate the intent of the amendment. Police and prosecutors could already, with no change to law at all, hammer criminals for illegal use of weapons. Chorebanian's efforts would be much more useful in urging prosecutors to actually do their jobs, with substantial penalties for failing to do so.

William D. Werries

Engineer, Tucson

Alerts on cameras reduce effectiveness

Re: the June 5 letter to the editor "Speed cameras don't reduce speeding."

Another letter writer correctly points out that traffic cameras slow speeders only at the cameras. Wouldn't it be more effective if we didn't have warning signs as we approach them from either direction?

We can also thank the media (the Arizona Daily Star included) for reducing the usefulness of roving surveillance by advertising where it will be and at what hour.

How can it be in the best interest of safety to tell speeders where they should slow down? Why can't we be serious about traffic enforcement?

Ivan Russell


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