Tea party succeeded where others failed

Congratulations to the tea party. They accomplished what Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, assorted Communists, Socialists and Bolsheviks failed to do. They shut down the United States government, harming hundreds of thousands of hardworking Americans. High-fives all around!

Eric Rose

Self-employed, Tucson

Give it a rest, Ted

One can tell that Ted Cruz is from the Confederate South. He lost the battle against the Affordable Care Act but the war against it will continue as long as he “can stand on his feet”. He continues to harangue the ACA using his own “facts” regardless of how wrong they are. Give it a rest, Ted. The rest of us are sick and tired of hearing your rant.

Jerry Lujan

Retired Foreign Service officer,


Yes, GOP should do whatever it takes

Re: the Oct. 10 column “America held hostage by a bunch of brats.”

Typical response when you fear debate is to cast aspersions on those that differ. The insinuation that tea-party conservatives are opposed to the Affordable Care Act because they don’t like Obama is playing the bob and weave at its best. It is very simple. Obama and the Democrats used their majority to force through bad laws that were not even read or understood and now they want a blank check to pay for their mistakes. They are spending the country to ruin and I for one don’t like any of it. I expect the Republicans to do everything possible to push back and reverse the damage being done by these badly written laws.

As far as Obama’s leadership, it is terrible. You do not have to dislike him to disagree with the way he has represented the country and the impact he has had on it, domestically or internationally.

The question is why the mainstream media keeps giving him a pass.

Sandra Mahanna


Angry over lockdown

Re: the Oct. 4. article “Lockdown lifted at Tucson’s Sunnyside High.”

I am a senior at Sunnyside High School, and I was never told that it was just a cellphone that we were locked down for. I was in my photo class during my lunch break when it happened. This makes me so angry!

Janessa de la Rosa

Student, Tucson

Tucson understands value of open space

Re: the Oct. 10 article “Mine-owned stretch of San Pedro is highly diverse, dense bird area.”

We were delighted to see the space and attention the Daily Star gave to reporter Tony Davis’ article on the preservation of a section of the San Pedro River.

This river is a pristine gem in so many ways that we should all do whatever we can to conserve it. But we are even more pleased that the attitude reflected by the article is shared by so many Tucsonans.

When we first came to the city 10 years ago, one of the things that convinced us that this was the right place was the 2003 bond passed to buy up and preserve open lands in the region. Many events since continue to reassure us that Tucson “gets it.”

On our first day in Tucson, we asked our Realtor to tell us about Tucson. His quick response was, “It’s not Phoenix.” Yep! Thanks, Tucson.

Dan and Jeanne Granger

Volunteer naturalists, Tucson

Two-tier system

will discourage voters

Re: the Oct. 8 article “AZ ballots will split federal, state races.”

Attorney General Tom Horne’s decision to implement a “two-tier” voting system separating federal election ballots from state and local races is problematic on several fronts. It not only burdens state election officials but it has the potential to sow confusion and discourage citizens from casting their vote.

Apparently state officials, including Secretary of State Ken Bennett, agree that the decision is problematic.

Don’t you think, especially during this time of partisan bickering, government dysfunction and voter anger, every conceivable effort should be made to encourage all voters? This would require clear, sensible rules which make voting as easy as possible for all who are eligible. The “two-tier” decision does not meet that test.

Murray DeArmond

Retired, Tucson