‘Western Women’

is a great addition

Re: the May 10 column “Western Women: The abduction, ordeal of Larcena Pennington Page.”

Thanks for starting the “Western Women” column by Jan Cleere. I had read her book “Levis and Lace” while researching for a play I was writing. Later I heard her talk at the Adobe Corral of Westerners. She tells about some fascinating and indomitable women of Arizona. It will be wonderful to hear about them again in her column.

Nan Schubel

Retired librarian, Tucson

Economic model

can’t be sustained

Re: the May 8 article “As births decline, economies may suffer.”

Congratulations to the Star for having the courage to publish the dirty little secret of this century: the present global economic model is a Ponzi scheme.

To sustain this paradigm, the population has to continue to grow at an exponential rate. In terms of agricultural and natural resources, and the deterioration of the environment, this is patently impossible. The historic solutions of mass genocide and legalized homicide (i.e., war) are unacceptable to a civilized society.

As I see it, the alternative futures are the extinction of the human race or a radical reform of society’s world view. Quality of life must not be based on the amassing of material goods. But rather, life’s satisfactions must be derived from enjoyment of fellowship, our natural environment, and personal engagement in physical activities and the arts.

To achieve this, the economic engine must be reconstructed to provide a reasonable level of creature comforts for all in a stable world population.

Fritz Reinagel

Retired electronics engineer, Tucson

Opinion pages make

a welcome change

Having recently moved and retired to Tucson, I am heartened by the Star’s better-late-than-never decision to balance its editorial page with more balanced editorial opinions, including conservative ones.

Even so, I am dismayed by a continued barrage of letters to the editor, typically by other retirees, deploring this balance. The writers’ opinions are heartfelt. But the authors have seemed less afraid of learning alternate opinions than, as one reader complained, being “driven up the wall” to read them.

Well, welcome to the club. Tucson is a diverse place, a fine and broad community in which people who might have learned to tolerate intellectual diversity should view a breadth of Op-Ed opinions as a resource of continued learning.

Folks, let’s not build walls around ourselves — it makes us look foolish to the younger generations.

Myron Smith

Retired astronomer, Tucson

Put hysterics aside

on gay marriage

Re: the May 8 article “Gay marriage case rejects inanimate object effort.”

All the concerns expressed about what might happen when gay marriages are legal would be funny except that the writers are so hysterical and serious. Marriage with an inanimate object — like marrying your pet rock?

What all marriage should presumably be is a union of two committed and consenting adults. That would eliminate a number of present problems: the one of a person marrying several people. The one of two people deciding to live together, beget children and make no commitments to each other at all.

And the one in which children are arranged to be married by their parents. These children cannot make a commitment. They don’t even know each other, let alone what marriage represents.

Those are the problems, but they aren’t funny.

Herbert White

Retired administrator

and educator, Tucson