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June 11, 2014 11:43 am

Cyclists are not

freeloading bums

Registration for bikes? Fine, let’s do it, especially if cycle curmudgeons will then quit whining about that. $10 ought to cover wear and tear of roads due to cycling. Insurance? Most cyclists have that, too, unless they like taking undue chances with personal financial solvency.

It’s time, if not past time, to discard the illogic of insinuating that cyclists are freeloading bums who should pay up for the privilege of riding bikes.

The discard pile should also include the claim that some cyclists don’t follow traffic rules. True, but golly, how many motorists speed, run red lights, tailgate or drive distracted? Lots.

Paul Sheppard

Research, Tucson

How is my tax money

spent, exactly?

I’m just curious why Arizona and Pima County residents haven’t asked where our tax money is going.  I’d like a budget breakdown of where my money is spent. Schools are being cut. I spend more money for my kids to go to public school for supplies everybody uses, because the state has cut the budget.

First, where does the lottery money go? Second, the county has all these vehicles just sitting, not being used. How about selling off some ? Third, why do taxpayers pay for these employees to go to work or provide them with transportation? Will the taxpayer pay for me to get to work, please? It’s sorry that they expect us to pay their way while they sit back, get rich and do nothing .

As a engine mechanic in the Air Force, if you don’t do your job people die. I’m tired of my money being wasted on their bad decisions. Either show me where my money goes or allow me to not pay taxes.

Larry Boze

Maintenance, Vail

Don’ paint entire GOP

with right-wing brush

I agree with Buddy Gill and Fran Martinez in principle, in their condemnation of the whiny far right, whose mission seems to be to bring down Obama at any price regardless of the needs of the country. But I wouldn’t be so quick to paint the entire party with the same brush, particularly at this time when it appears that the Republicans may finally be coming to the understanding that the frothing-at-the-mouth lynch mob of the far right really doesn’t deserve the shelter offered by the Republican tent.

Robert Epstein

Retired, Green Valley

Hot-weather needs

should be obvious to UA

In the June 9 letter “UA will learn from its mistakes,” the letter writer, who identifies himself as an educator, says don’t criticize the university  for conditions that existed during the last graduation such as lack of adequate water and people having to stand in line in the heat.

He implies the university now has a high-level committee trying to figure out how to improve things for future ceremonies. The UA was established in 1885. After more than 100 years, they now need a committee to figure out that a couple of basic hot-weather needs are shade and water?

Richard R. Gallimore

Retired civil engineer, SaddleBrooke

Big money will be

ruination of sports

Re: the June 10 article “Ex-UCLA star takes stand in NCAA suit.”

Big money will eventually destroy sports. Here is another athlete who did not apply himself to the educational part of college. At least he is selling cars and not working for McDonald’s. Now these athletes want to be paid for screwing up their lives. At least this one is not on welfare.

Most of us played sports for fun. We were not gifted athletes and never gave the pros a second thought. Today kids are recruited from junior high school, and Mom and Dad are all for it.

I see, in the future, sports taking a dive just as the housing market did seven years ago.

Ted Gemoets

Retired, Tucson

We can’t care for all

these immigrant kids

I am angry and distraught that Arizona has been chosen to be the “drop-off” point for all of the illegal immigrant children from south of the border. We are not prepared to care for these kids, and from all accounts this will go through September.

Child abuse, maybe? Anybody wonder what kind of parents send their children across multiple countries in the summer?

Your article Wednesday said an 18-year-old boy was taken to the hospital for seizures. Last I knew, 18 is an adult. Process him and return him to his country.

If immigration is to be fixed, reward the people who have filled out the forms and waited patiently for years, and make them citizens first. Then look into a guest worker program and start simplifying the process to allow people into the country to work and return home with proper documentation.

One thousand kids in two weeks? Get a grip, federal government. You have lost all credibility with the people who live here.

Gillian Borden

Office manager, Tucson

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