How is it possible

to close public lands?

Our misbehaving, childish representatives in Congress have done it again. So, here we go: another government shutdown. Regarding closure of our national lands, I fail to see how the Forest Service can legally restrict public access to public lands just because they can’t go to work. I rarely use any facilities or services at Sabino Canyon and never interact with Forest Service staff. Enjoying the canyon without staff is no different than hiking after hours when staff is not present.

We should be able to enjoy our national parks with or without the amenities. After all, we paid for them! Closing and restricting access to national parks during government shutdowns is just another ploy to gain sentiment. Notice the air traffic controllers are fully funded this round?

Scott Saylor

Technology consultant, Tucson

Brewer should revisit stance on Canyon

Re: the Oct. 1. article “State won’t repeat 1995 effort to keep Grand Canyon open”

I work as river guide in Denali National Park. I make about $15,000 a year. It has been a dream of mine to raft the entire stretch of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I have invested $3,000 to make this adventure of a lifetime happen, so the news of this government shutdown came as a shock. I understand that, on the surface, keeping the park open may not be a top priority for Gov. Jan Brewer, but to many this experience can bring meaning to an entire existence.

The Grand Canyon is the heart of Arizona. I ask that the governor reconsider her initial decision and keep the park open while a compromise is being made in Washington. Fifty years from now, will I be telling my grandchildren stories of government shutdowns or tales of towering sandstone cliffs, raging rapids and native ruins? A tale of frustration or of peace, serenity and solitude? I will have to wait and see.

Tim Reidy

River guide, Healy

Let White House feel the pinch, too

Why is it that when the government is shut down the first things closed are national parks, NASA, etc.? Why is the White House not shut down? Furlough the chef, the maids and butlers; the czars and the first lady’s staff. Ground Air Force One and the other government aircraft; furlough the Secret Service, and shut off the White House power and water. That would save a ton of money and also let his highness know how it feels to be cut back.

Stanley Augustyniewicz Jr.

Retired, SaddleBrooke

Sides need to embrace all perspectives

The shutdown is just one more example of congressional failure. The problem is that too many members of Congress care more about winning than governing. Democrats fail to recognize that nearly half the country is conservative. Republicans fail to recognize that nearly half the country is liberal.

Representatives and senators who want all Americans to live by conservative principles don’t believe in democracy. They want a dictatorship. Representatives and senators who want all Americans to live by liberal principles don’t believe in democracy. They want a dictatorship.

It’s time to embrace all views. It’s time to believe that greatness can only be achieved through inclusion and diversity of viewpoints. America will never truly be a visionary leader of democracy until Democrats and Republicans work together.

Dennis Widman

Small-business owner, Tucson

Shutdown is dereliction of duty

Terrorists are running our government. These are the people we asked to take care of us, not engage in kiddie tea parties or hide in tree houses or play shoot ’em up. You can point to them, whether Republican or Democrat, all brainwashed by their party, manipulated by their own self-interest and completely impervious to the harm caused to innocent bystanders.

I know a recently retired cardiologist who told me his responsibility as head of a large medical practice was to ensure that it continued to provide for the lives of all the employees. He’s obviously from a different planet.

The government shutdown is a dereliction of duty that officially documents what has already begun: the radicalization of America.

What to expect now? More terrorism from other self-proclaimed “Americans.” Watch out!

Michael Craig

Consultant, Tucson

Don’t they feel sense of embarrassment?

Aren’t any of the legislators in Washington, D.C., embarrassed? Their power struggle is affecting voters’ lives. We sent them to Washington to protect our interests, not theirs.

Katherine DeWitt

Retired, Tucson

ED Letter Hed goes here two lines

John Boehner says that the House has listened to the American public and suggests the Senate should do the same.

If Boehner and his cohorts were really listening to the American public, they’d take their 10 percent approval rating and just go home.

Eric Schaffer

Business owner, Tucson