There are reasons

for poverty in Tucson

Re: the Aug. 4 article “Tucson kids pay poverty’s high price.”

There is poverty among children. The parents of these kids cannot find employment or the jobs do not pay wages high enough to rise above the poverty level, yet the mayor and City Council are openly hostile to business and economic development — Grand Canyon University is just the latest example. Small businesses are hamstrung by city and county bureaucrats. The Board of Supervisors continues to stall the Rosemont Mine and the many good-paying jobs and support businesses that would result.

Are you beginning to see a clearer picture of why the situation is what it is? The Arizona Daily Star can headline all the stories it wants. When the citizens decide they have had enough then it will change; until then, more of the same.

Tom Grissom

Retired, Tucson

Many able people hold minimum-wage jobs

Re: the Aug. 11 letter to the editor “Government handouts don’t create equality.”

The recent letter writer who alleged that all fast-food workers were uneducated is either out of the loop or extremely biased. In addition, they are not the only people who are paid at or near minimum wage and given less than 40 work hours per week. The retail and service industries also pay these low wages and keep workers under full-time employment. Many of these workers have above a high school degree and good grades, but can find no other jobs. Yet many of the stockholders and CEOs of these industries keep raking in the profits with obscene salaries and perks. Minimum wage, even at 40 hours per week, amounts to less than $20,000 per year. Quit looking down your nose at minimum-wage earners. They are part of the working poor.

Kathleen Ballou


Obama is president for all US citizens

Re: the Aug. 5 letter to the editor “Republicans represent half of the country.”

As of 2012 the U.S. population is roughly 303 million, eligible voters are roughly 207 million, registered voters are roughly 150 million. Registered Republicans are roughly 55 million and Democrats are roughly 72 million. Considering these statistics Republicans represent roughly 18 percent of the total population, roughly 26 percent of eligible voters and roughly 36 percent of registered voters.

Those numbers don’t represent half the country. I think the letter writer may have dropped his abacus a few too many times. President Obama, elected twice, is the president for all United States citizens.

Tom McElrath

Oro Valley

Children suffer

when cost-cutters rule

There’s been a lot of chatter in the letters lately about how underpaid women should stop complaining about the cost of diapers. All they have to do, the self-righteous explain, is buy cloth diapers and hand-wash them. I believe that cloth diapers are better for a variety of reasons, but wonder how many letter writers ever hand-washed anything. I hand-washed diapers for two babies in an apartment that didn’t supply enough hot water . It takes a lot of time, you can’t get them really clean and the babies end up with diaper rash.

Since McDonald’s recommends that its employees work two jobs in order to make a living wage, one wonders how the scolds expect poor women to have time to sleep. It’s always the children who suffer when the cost-cutters take control.

Maris Bootzin

Retired editor, Tucson

Lovin was a top player

at Palo Verde

I was sorry to see that you omitted quarterback Jeff Lovin from your photos of Palo Verde’s top 10 football players; I don’t remember the year, sometime in the late ’60s or early ’70s I believe, he was voted the best high school athlete by the Tucson Citizen his senior year.

Ken Wright

Retired, Tucson

Let’s hear Ellen’s views on life in Fitzsylum

Re: the Aug. 3 column “Never say, ‘Am I in trouble?’ Your life will be easier if you don’t ask.”

Seems only right that Ellen should have a chance to defend herself against Fitz-hubby’s recent characterization of her.

Armed with his own column, David has tipped the scales of marital empathy in his own direction and at the expense of Ellen, the sole female in the Fitzsylum.

We suggest the Daily Star send one of its hired wordslingers, perhaps Buffalo Beal, to interview Ellen and get her side of the Great Clean-up Cover-up.

Lee Shainen and Susan Miller