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Graffiti photos encourage vandals

Re: the May 13 article "Graffiti along trail shocks hikers at Saguaro Park East."

Thanks for your front page graffiti photos and identification of the tagged letters. Now graffiti "artists" who want recognition will replicate these actions and tag more wilderness areas.

Good work encouraging these criminals.

Rex Golos

Skateboarder, Tucson

Go bicycling wherever, not just to work

This week is National Bike to Work Week. However, I'd like to encourage you to think of it as National Bike to Anywhere Week.

Half of all trips Americans make are three miles or less - an easy biking distance. Imagine the good that would come if more people in Tucson tried biking.

The best reason to ride a bicycle is because it is fun. My 8-year-old daughter and I began to ride five minutes a day on April 1, 2012, and we've ridden 409 consecutive days so far. We have such a great time riding together.

When we started, we never could have imagined all the positive change that's happened over the last year by simply riding a few minutes a day. Remarkable.

This month, dust off your bike and give two wheels a try.

Patrick Cunningham


Don't let fossil-fuel PR negate clean energy

Re: the May 5 article "High-tech drilling trumps clean energy."

The article came directly from the fossil fuel industry PR pros, and they are counting on us to keep up our demand for fossil fuel.

But there is a problem with their rosy scenario. Scientists warn us that burning all of that available fuel will change the climate so drastically that life as we know it will not be possible. And the industry leaves out all mention of the toxic chemicals used, the methane released, the noise and light pollution 24 hours a day impacting the unfortunate neighbors next to these operations.

Their PR spin leads us to believe that the renewable energy sector is essentially dead. The truth of the matter is that scientists are making exciting breakthroughs every day. I hope the Arizona Daily Star will give us a Sunday full page unbiased article on the thriving clean energy sector.

Mary Wellington

Retired, Tucson

Star predictably avoids Libya cover-up story

Re: the May 9 article "Benghazi envoy recounts mission's final moments."

Surprise, surprise, good ol' Arizona Daily Star meets expectations.

Though CSPAN and Fox devoted many hours on Wednesday covering the U.S. congressional investigation of our government's failure to send aid to Benghazi, Libya, you chose to print a short report of the same on Page 17.

Four Americans died at the hands of brutal terrorists there, while Hillary and Obama fiddled around in the campaign circus.

Don't you care about the cover-up?

Jerry McCoy

Retired, Tucson

Gas tax is a proven, effective revenue source

Re: May 6 editorials "Should a mileage user-fee replace the current gas tax?"

What is unfair about the gas tax and what is fair (implied) about a mileage user-fee?

No one needs a fancy expensive method of measuring the miles traveled in a vehicle - fuel consumption provides sufficient evidence of that travel. No need for the government to track our travels. No need for GPS devices to be implanted into all our vehicles. It's so simple even the caveman could do it.

If the present gas tax isn't raising enough money to fund road construction and maintenance then raise it. The process for collection and distribution of these funds to the appropriate agencies already exists and has been functioning well since the inception of the gas tax.

Ed Farver

Retired electrical engineer, Green Valley

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