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May 17, 2014 12:00 am

Legislature denigrates public education

I don’t get it! Public education in Arizona is bombarded with criticism and abuse. The public is told that schools are not providing the required subjects so that “all children can learn.” If that is the case, where is all the funding necessary to carry out this monumental task?

Who are those responsible for this abuse that prevents our children from learning? Starting at the bottom of the chain are parents, site administrators, district administrators and state board members.

The most egregious culprits of all are the members of the Arizona Legislature, who have not only denigrated public education in Arizona but have added the proverbial insult to injury by giving funds that could be allocated to public schools in Arizona to private and charter institutions.

Now, we are told that the state “owes” Arizona public schools $2.9 billion in withheld state aid. Rhetorical question: How much more can public education in Arizona take before it becomes a nonentity?

Ken Wright

Retired, Tucson

Reasons not to consider pipeline project

Re: the May 15 article “Grijalva seeks US review of pipeline access through wildlife refuge.”

Here are some facts readers need to know about the proposed Sierrita Gas Pipeline:

  • No new permanent jobs will be created by this project. None of the natural gas will be delivered to or used by the United States.
  • The LLC underwriting this project is owned by a majority of foreign investors.
  • The pipeline will trench through 1,000 acres of land, much of it previously undisturbed
  • .
  • No pipeline right-of-way in Southern Arizona has been successfully restored.
  • Pima County estimates a price tag of more than $16 million to mitigate costs it would incur.
  • If private landowners don’t want the pipeline on their property, they have no choice. Their land will be condemned and sold.

Why is this project even being considered?

Melissa Owen

Rancher and vineyard owner, Sasabe

Little student accountability in TUSD

Re: the May 7 article “Weak TUSD curriculum hurts minorities and poor most, audit finds.”

Having taught in the Tucson Unified School District for 17 years, I see truth in the audit’s results. However, let’s address student accountability or lack thereof.

A major problem revolves around the process of holding a student accountable. It needs to be streamlined and the school board needs to be taken out of it.

The system is so flawed students learn that most won’t be held back, so why try. Part of this problem does connect to curriculum because students are bored and they do not see themselves in what they learn in many classrooms.

Peter M. Blankfield

Teacher, Tucson

Finally, the pendulum swings

I fully support the decision of the Star to balance its editorial positions. The liberal left has enjoyed a vice grip on the mass media in this country for decades, and it’s far past the time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

Liberals scream their sanctimonious support for a free press and open dialogue, but then pull a Rutgers or a Brandeis. When opposing views actually appear, they are squelched by whatever means necessary.

We are awash in a tsunami of domestic crises, scandals and cover-ups, and our foreign policy is feckless, chaotic and lacks any semblance of strategic focus. No one in the administration knows anything, no one is responsible, no one is brought to justice — we just move on to the next mess.

Anything President Obama doesn’t like or that stands in the way of his progressive agenda, he just enacts another presidential privilege to get what he wants. We need a vigorous and objective press to help stem this disastrous slide.

John Mason

Retired, Oro Valley

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