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Kudos to Sen. McCain for working across aisle

Re: the July 26 article "McCain drops gloves, becomes ally to Obama."

Three cheers for Sen. John McCain and his willingness to reach across the aisle to seek political compromise, placing true national interests ahead of narrow partisan considerations that are harmful and damaging the nation. I don't always agree with the senator's positions on issues, but I believe his willingness to find accommodations that allow our government to function as prescribed by the Constitution praiseworthy and deserving of commendation. Keep up the good work!

Jack R. Binns

Retired ambassador, Tucson

US deaths in Korea War were not in vain

Re: the July 27 editorial "Forgotten War left a legacy."

Thank you for the guest editorial on the 60th anniversary of the conclusion of the Korean War, where I served as a draftee in the early 1950s. Many good things have as a result come to the people of that country, economically and in political freedom. The 30,000 American combat deaths were not in vain.

John Crow

Retired, Tucson

Downtown gets help; not so its mentally ill

I am excited about what is going on downtown, and it was great to go there the other night to try out one of the new restaurants. On the way back to our car, my wife and I were confronted by two homeless, obviously mentally ill people. My wife is a psychotherapist. She told me that because of cuts to the state mental health system, there is no place where these unfortunate people can go to get the support and treatment they need.

They are going to remain living on the streets of downtown and probably increase in number. It is such a shame that as we invest and try to attract new visitors and businesses to the area, we as a community have nothing to offer the people who call the alleys and sidewalks of downtown home.

Robert Collier

Dentist, Tucson

Beware effort to force a vote on Medicaid

A majority of our Legislature and our courageous governor passed a bill to support Medicaid. Now, low-income people can obtain medical care. A big majority of Arizona residents support this coverage. Beware! Powerful opponents of this vital bill are circulating a petition to force a vote on this law. Paid petition-passers will deny this threat to kill Medicaid and claim it just gives us citizens a vote. Warn your friends not to sign this killer petition.

Governments are obligated to supply citizens with fire and police protection, public transit and affordable health care. Support Arizona government now. Don't sign. Altruism aside, those with health insurance are paying more because providers increase fees to make up for loss treating people without insurance.

Ruth Stokes

Systems analyst, Tucson

Old Pueblo label is distinctive, loving

Re: the July 10 editorial " 'Old Pueblo' speaks of who we are as a city."

What? Someone is wanting to ditch Tucson's loving and personal nickname? What's wrong with the Old Pueblo?

As one drives across the country nowadays, freeway exits have similar venues. They blur together. People need to go out of their way for a sense of distinctive history. Tucson has one. Why would someone want to do away with something unique and historical? Doesn't that person have anything better to do?

I have a suggestion: Capitalize on making those black-and-white, oval, euro bumper stickers with initials for The Old Pueblo. I'd proudly put TOP on my car.

Norma Villanueva Booth

Retired, Kotzebue, Alaska

City violating own code by allowing shrine

Re: the July 15 guest column "Allowing shrine in Sentinel Peak Park sets precedent."

Thank you, Tucson Citizen, for clearing up my confusion about the shrine in Sentinel Park. Now I know that a religious object is not the issue. The problem is that the city is ignoring its own code, which governs city parks. Put simply, the code does not allow anyone to "construct or erect any building or structure of whatever kind." So I just might go out to the park and put up a nice gazebo and some benches so that I can meditate by the shrine. Who's going to stop me?

Susan Hetherington

Retired nursing professor, Tucson

People making up own Zimmerman scenarios

The George Zimmerman trial clearly showed there were no credible eyewitnesses to the shooting that took Trayvon Martin's life. Yet in several recent letters to the editor people have indicated they know exactly what happened that night. Sounds to me like they are just making stuff up to justify their preconceived notions.

Tony Banks

Oro Valley

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