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February 04, 2014 12:00 am

City’s is not the only

free gem-show shuttle

Re: the Feb. 1 article “Free GemRide to take rockhounds to shows.”

I feel the Star is doing a disservice to the general public and the gem show vendors by listing only the city of Tucson shuttle runs. There are 10 or more other free shuttle runs paid for by the show vendors that you are not listing.

These shuttles cover more shows and run more often than the city shuttles. These shuttle runs can be found on the Internet or in the gem show guidebooks available at most of the shows.

Jim Ten Elshof

Gem show driver, Tucson

Bill will hurt libraries

Re: the Feb. 2 editorial “Crazy new bills in Arizona make us laugh and cry.”

How could you leave out HB 2379? This bill, introduced by Republican Justin Olson, would have a devastating impact on Pima County Public Libraries. According to a memo from Chuck Huckelberry (available at library.pima.gov), several branches would have to close, library staff laid off and services eliminated (including job help, homework help,and computer classes).

The services and programs offered by the Pima County Public Libraries are essential in supporting kids who attend already strapped schools, in supporting businesses and the economy by helping citizens become more employable through computer classes and in helping citizens become more reading and technologically literate.

The politicians who support this bill obviously haven’t taken into consideration the considerably negative impact it will have on our communities and citizens. It’s fairly obvious they’re supporting it for no more than political reasons, with the constituents they represent be damned.

Annie Wicks

Librarian, Tucson

No Middle East solution

Re: the Jan. 28 guest column “Israeli-Palestinian peace is unachievable, so it’s time to reassess.”

Gil Shapiro’s guest column on the madness in the Middle East is right on the mark. I would definitely move from my neighborhood if I had to put up with what those folks in the Middle East deal with every day; unfortunately, there just is no solution.

To those interested in the situation, I would offer Paul Danahar’s book, written in 2013, titled “The New Middle East.” It explains in great detail the challenges that have been in that area for centuries.

Peter Guild

Retired naval architect, Oro Valley

Don’t give up on peace

Re: the Jan. 28 guest column “Israeli-Palestinian peace is unachievable, so it’s time to reassess.”

While I appreciate Gil Shapiro’s frustration with the peace process, I don’t share his conclusions that Israel and its Jewish citizens should abandon their homeland in the Middle East. That would deny future contributions from Israel; advances in cellphone technology, computer chips, and invention of drip irrigation came from Israel.

If there is a threat to one’s existence does one give up, abandon a 65-year-old successful experiment that has resulted in the only truly democratic society in the Middle East? Where would these people go if they all decided to leave as Shapiro urges? Germany? Canada? Uganda?

Israel has been very careful to rely on its own citizen army for its defense and has never accepted American soldiers on its soil. To state otherwise is erroneous.

Israel is a shining example of what a spirited, dedicated people can accomplish. It is stronger economically and defensively than ever. Giving up now would indeed be tragic.

Joel Alpert

Retired engineer, Tucson

Bisbee is example

of a mine’s impact

Re: the Jan. 19 editorial “Time to move ahead, let Rosemont be built.”

I have a little trip for you to take. Go outside the beautiful city of Bisbee (towards Warren)to where you’ll  find a big hole in the ground. Take pictures at different angles.

Next, proceed to the area where Rosemont is going to destroy a mountain. Hold up the pictures from the hole in the ground and compare it to the beautiful mountain.

Notice any difference?

Kyle Cassell

Retired veteran, Tucson

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