Old Pueblo deserves more fitting nickname

Re: the July 7 article "Doing away with the 'Old.'"

After surviving the past 39 days of over 100 degrees, isn't "Hell's Waiting Room" more descriptive than the Old Pueblo?

Patrice Frame


Tucson's moniker recalls romantic past

Re: the July 7 article "Doing away with the 'Old.' "

I have grown fond of our nickname, "The Old Pueblo," since I moved here over 60 years ago. It bespeaks of a romantic time long ago of buckboards, buckaroos, bandannas and bustles. Not of crime, roiling disputes and smelly traffic.

These newfangled folks over at the Tucson Metro Chamber want a different image more in line with current realities, an unsentimental nickname that casts out the poetic for the hard-boiled.

I vote for "The Prickly Pear."

Ron Lancaster


How does city decide which roads to fix?

Re: the June 28 guest column "Reason to be proud: Tucson is moving forward smartly on street repairs."

While I am appreciative that streets are being repaired, we just drove back from a trip and when we got on Alvernon we knew we were back in Tucson.

The section of Alvernon from Grant to Fort Lowell has cracks that have been patched in the past but it doesn't last long. Driving this section is like driving on a washboard.

After reading Richard Miranda's guest opinion, I went to the city's Facebook page to look at the repair map and sure enough, there are no plans to resurface this street this year.

Alvernon is supposed to be a major corridor but isn't being treated like one. How does the city decide which streets to repave first? Is it some formula based on when the street was last repaved or does someone actually drive the streets and set priorities?

Mel Weinberg

M.D., Tucson

Memo to Obama: Keep money here in US

While on his $100 million trip, President Obama pledged $7 billion to Africa. This money is taxpayer dollars. Here in the United States, sequestration is in effect and we continue to borrow money from China.

The Obama administration and the Democrats demand more tax revenue and the president just goes and promises huge amounts of money to other countries. Seems like the president is willing to spend on his own agenda and the taxpayer be damned!

Rosalie Wright

Retired, Oro Valley

New freeway would harm Avra Valley

Re: the June 30 article "Tucson may see another interstate."

The article on an Interstate 11 freeway through the Avra Valley leaves out information. This is a reworking of the proposed Interstate 10 bypass jammed through the State Transportation Board four years ago despite opposition from Saguaro National Park, the Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Game and Fish, Tohono O'odham Nation, Pima County Board of Supervisors and residents of the Avra Valley.

The article references double-decking a portion of I-10. The Arizona Department of Transportation's own figures showed that double-decking six miles of I-10 would cost just 10 percent of a new freeway through the Avra Valley and accomplish everything the planners wanted.

Tucson has noise concerns. But it's OK to impose that same noise - along with air pollution, hazardous cargo and smuggling - on the taxpayers of Picture Rocks and Avra Valley?

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry is overreaching. Let's hope the county supervisors set him straight right away.

Albert Vetere Lannon

Poet and historian, Picture Rocks

No need to 'interpret' our national anthem

Re: the July 4 column "'Star-Spangled Banner' needs no embellishment."

Thank you, Esther Cepeda, for your spot-on column. You expressed exactly how I feel - embarrassed and uncomfortable - about "interpretations" of our national anthem.

I, too, long for a return to delivery "with respect for the tradition of reverence ... and with deference to its national, not individual nature." Well said!

Lois Smith

Retired, Tucson

Ina Road crossing might damage your car

The recently repaired crossing on Ina Road near Interstate 10 is terrible. Be prepared to cross slowly and cautiously in either direction or your car may be damaged. It feels like landing from a jump on a motocross track. I hope those in charge don't consider this to be a permanent repair.

Steve Blackman

Retired, Tucson