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April 04, 2014 12:00 am

Thanks to the clerics

taking immigration stand

Re: the April 2 article “Cardinal, bishops’ Mass at border has a message.”

I found it interesting that a group of priests and bishops have done more for immigration reform over the past week than the elected officials who are supposed to be working on the issue.

We are too quick to take sides on issues that align with our political affiliations and end up forgetting about the real issue. Such is the case with immigration reform. Whether you support comprehensive reform or not, people are dying in the desert, and there is much suffering for those who want to come here.

Thank you to the group of religious leaders who came here to shine a light on that aspect of the immigration debate. We need to solve this before more lives are lost.

Rudy Clark

Retired teacher, Tucson

TUSD schools

need our support

Re: the April 2 editorial “TUSD’s Sanchez ought to take responsibility.”

The Star should consider it a compliment and good response that H.T. Sanchez acknowledged the concern and asked for more specific guidelines in response to the previous articles.

What corporation doesn’t look to firms with a proven track record when pursuing services? The Tucson Unified School District has been around forever and never put a policy in place. Dr. Sanchez just got here. How about a little support for the TUSD family for our accomplishments with Tucson’s families?

Joyce Martin

Customer service, Tucson

Noah’ film doesn’t tell it

the way God told it

My wife and I went to see the unbiblical movie “Noah.” It was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

There are some scriptural references in the movie. However, they lost, shocked and confused me when the giant rock monsters came to the aid of Noah and his family, and when a girl and a bad guy hitched a ride on the ark. I’m sure God wrote this somewhere in the Bible ... not!

My wife and I decided to watch (endure) the movie because of the conversations that will be generated for years to come. We are studying the account of Noah in Genesis so we may help others with the accurate account as God wrote it in the holy Bible.

My wife finally convinced me to get in the car about midnight, after waiting at the ticket office window for a refund.

Alfred Rodriguez

Customer service, Tucson

Please adopt a greyhound

or help rescue groups

Re: the March 29 article “Plan would end greyhound racing in Tucson but let park remain open.”

Thank you to Rep. Ethan Orr for stepping up to recommend allowing Tucson Greyhound Park to remain open without dog racing.

April is National Adopt a Greyhound Month. Please consider fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating to the two local greyhound groups, Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption (sagreyhoundadoption.org) and Arizona Greyhound Rescue (azgreyhoundrescue.org).

Karyn Zoldan

Copywriter, Tucson

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