Ease the suffering

at Pima Animal Care

I applaud the planned long-overdue upgrades to Pima County Animal Care Center that will include more preventative measures.

Despite the valiant efforts of rescue organizations and volunteers who struggle to address the overwhelming need, the current conditions are pitiful, with good dogs continually euthanized due to overcrowding.

Like the wild horses the BLM rounds up for ultimate slaughter, the dog has made enormous contributions to mankind now and throughout history.

Institutionalizing disposability for these noble creatures doesn’t say much about our human species.

From Dean Koontz, “A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog”: “No matter how close we are to another person, few human relationships are as free from strife, disagreement, and frustration as is the relationship you have with a good dog. Few human beings give of themselves to another as a dog gives of itself.”

Candace Charvoz Frank

Semi-retired, Tucson

Don’t make standards into rigid requirements

Re: the Nov. 5 guest column “Even with core standards, math will still elude some.”

I agree with guest columnist Kathy Scott that not every student will “sail through calculus and trigonometry.”

Not all students take calculus, and the standards do not change that; calculus is an advanced subject not described in the standards.

The standards describe a common set of expectations; they are a statement of what we want our children to know and understand.

Turning them into rigid requirements that do not take account of the range of students would indeed be a mistake.

This has always been a difficulty with standards: balancing clear goals with humane implementation. Having common standards helps us find wise solutions to that problem.

William McCallum

Professor of mathematics, Tucson

Report on celebration

for missile was bizarre

Re: the Nov. 6 article “Raytheon marks milestone for US ‘weapon of choice.’”

Daily Star reporter David Wichner treats us to a bizarre look into the “cake and speeches” celebration of the Tomahawk missile at Raytheon. The astounding report is decorated with a photo of Rep. Ron Barber with a missile seemingly aimed at his head while he lobbies for next-generation weapons.

Wichner reminds us that since the first Gulf War, 2,000 Tomahawk attacks have rained down on U.S. enemy nations and their people.

Have we so completely lost our humanity that so-called progressive politicians and a newspaper with a liberal editorial policy can miss the chilling irony of this happy birthday for bombs?

What’s next? Can we expect a “Dr. Strangelove” retrospective where a next-gen missile is ridden toward Earth, bucking-bronco style, without any reminder that nature is destroyed and living things die?

Should we look for it in your Rodeo issue?

Thomas Rogers

Educator, Tucson

Since when is spying such big news?

I’m amused about all the hoopla and outrage over America spying on other countries. Us spying on other countries and other countries spying on us has been going on for decades.

Anyone who is not aware of this must be living in an alternate universe.

Susi Learn

Retired, Tucson

Tale of gluttony

insensitively placed

Re: the Nov. 1 article “Cutbacks in food benefits hit here” and column “Hungry foodie sets blistering pace through meals.”

I read with despair the article about the cutbacks in food benefits to those who depend upon food stamps for survival. I then turned the page and there, on the very same piece of newsprint, sharing the very same significant placement on the page, was Tim Steller’s tale of gluttony with his friend, Jared McKinley.

I suggest that this insensitively placed story would be better served anywhere else in the paper, maybe even more appropriately in the food section.

Barbara Rosenberg

Consultant, Tucson

News reports on Sharia don’t look very peaceful

I’ve been told that Sharia is a peaceful “religion” and Muslims would like for the whole world to live under Sharia.

But I’m confused. If Sharia is peaceful, why are the Sunnis and the Shias at war with each other and continue to kill each other?

Where is the peace they push?

They are both under Sharia and yet there is no peace between them.

How do we accept a politically religious people that have no peace in their hearts?

They need to prove how peaceful they really are.

Sheila McCurdy

Small Business Owner, Tucson