Hunting the motivation for bighorn relocation

Re: the Feb. 8 letter to the editor “Who is behind group that relocated bighorns?”

The letter writer inquired as to who is behind the group that relocated bighorns in the Santa Catalina Mountains. One of the primary stakeholders in the project is the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, a pro-hunting organization.

In fact, as of Feb. 8 the society was still seeking donations for the continuation of the project on its website. Make no mistake about this project, its main purpose is to reintroduce sheep into the Catalinas so they can be hunted.

If some mountain lions get killed in the process, we are supposed to look the other way, or simply mull over the comments in a previous Star article of Randy Serraglio of the Center For Biological Diversity, another stakeholder in the project, that he’s “a cat person” but, “It’s a necessary and distasteful” policy. Necessary for whom?

Pete Magnuson

Houston, Texas

Don’t expect teachers to be waitresses, too

Re: the Feb. 9 editorial “Free breakfast in classroom would benefit education.”

Breakfast in the classroom may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Pity the teacher who has to waitress and bus their students’ tables before the start of the instructional day. It would be like single-handedly serving and tidying up after a birthday party, and then going to your real job.

A previous article in the Star said the public considers teachers glorified babysitters/day care workers. Educators used to stay in their field an average of 15 years, but that has shortened to five years, creating a constant stream of newbies to the detriment of the profession.

Ironically, a week or so later, this editorial advocates serving breakfast in the classroom, which is totally in keeping with public misperceptions.

I had to eat lunch in the cafeteria  with my kindergarten students every day. It was 20 minutes of nonstop spills and opening containers; it shouldn’t have been my job but at least it was in the cafeteria, which was equipped for food service.

Cindy Hansen

Retired, Tucson

Move rather than complain about D-M

I am a native of Tucson, and I am getting tired of people complaining about the noise from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

D-M was built long before all the housing around it. I grew up within a few miles of the base, with the railroad and the expressway even closer. I didn’t go deaf, and we sold our house just fine, without the property value going down.

Saying this, I also know that when people buy homes in the area, they are given full disclosure of the base. So, if people bought knowing this, why are they complaining?

It would be easier for these complainers to move than have D-M close down. Let freedom fly!

A. Christine McNair

Retired, Tucson

Let readers have a say

in new comics selection

I remember the days that if a change was to be made in the comics, there was a conversation with the readers; choices were offered, and surveys were taken.

I understand that For Better or Worse is a rerun, but I am a long-time paid subscriber and think that I am owed an alert, not to mention a chance to be included, in the decision-making process for a new cartoon.

Barbara Rosenberg

Consultant, Tucson

Misguided AZ priorities

Welcome to the great state of Arizona! We legislators really know how to keep our priorities straight. Libraries? Haven’t stepped foot in one for years — an unnecessary frill. Education? We don’t need no education. Wait, do you mean guns in schools? Now you’re talkin’.

Rosalie Bennett

Retired, Tucson