Economic ripples

from McKale project

Re: the June 25 article “First phase in McKale renovation is outta sight.”

What a great opportunity for the University of Arizona to have an immediate and profound impact on the local economy. While the article did not go into specific details for financing the project, local contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers and homegrown laborers could be first-tier beneficiaries of this sorely needed economic infusion.

Linda Burback

UA alumna, Tucson

IRS missteps getting harder to ignore

Re: the June 26 letter “IRS ‘scandal’ is a phony GOP ploy.”

The reader’s letter described the IRS targeting as a non-story. The mainstream media has steadfastly refused to cover the IRS missteps. I have a question of both the reader and your coverage.

Tea-party and other conservative groups got an abnormal amount of audit attention from the IRS. Fact.

Lois Lerner took the Fifth to not incriminate herself. Fact.

The IRS maintains Lois Lerner’s emails have disappeared due to a computer crash. Fact.

When does the reader and this newspaper begin to think that there just might be some truth to this out-and-out lie by the IRS and the administration?

Mark Wurz

Retired, Tucson

Star barely addresses planned AZPM cuts

I was shocked and dismayed to learn that the University of Arizona is planning on slashing its contribution to Arizona Public Media. I was also surprised that the Daily Star has barely covered this news.

The loss of UA funding will severely hamper the ability of the radio and television stations to continue to provide this high level of programming. The amount of private funding that would be necessary will be prohibitive.

I urge the Daily Star to offer more coverage on this important Tucson issue.

Leslie J. Yerman

Communications consultant/

photographer, Tucson

Public broadcasting elevates, educates

I am distressed, embarrassed and ashamed to think that UA would cut funds to public broadcasting. My grandfather, Selim Franklin, was a founder of the University of Arizona because he believed in education.

The university was to be an agriculture and mining school and was to carry the obligation of outreach to the community at large. That means that it has the obligation to help educate the public with its extension services and other programs.

And public broadcasting certainly does educate, from “Sesame Street” to the news, to science programs, music and beyond. Funding should be restored and cuts made to other programs.

MaryRose Duffield

UA graduate, Tucson

Not inclined to give lawmakers a raise

Re: the June 25 article “Voters to decide in November if AZ lawmakers deserve a raise.”

Last year Arizona increased the minimum wage by 15 cents (a 1.7 percent increase). When Arizona lawmakers pass a minimum-wage increase of 46 percent to “keep up with inflation,” then we will consider a pay raise for lawmakers.

Carol Kerchenfaut

Retired, Tucson