Not supporting Obama endangers US lives

First, welcome home, Sgt. Bergdahl!

I wonder if Republicans have ever considered that their absolute lack of support for President Obama has been continuously endangering the lives of Americans abroad for the past six years? I did not like the politics of George Bush at all but, as an American, I stood behind him when it was necessary, like Sept. 11.

When someone threw a shoe at him, I recall thinking, “Hey, that’s my president! I can throw at shoe at him but you can’t!”

Unfortunately, when the next Republican is elected president, he or she will reap the harvest of bitter hatred that is being sown by this group, and the once great nation of America will continue her downward spiral toward complete irrelevancy on the global stage.

As Pogo once said: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Anne Lane

Retired teacher, Tucson

‘Obscure critters’ not reason to halt mine

Re: the May 29 article “Don’t forfeit mine’s benefits for the sake of some obscure critters.”

The recent management consultant guest writer suggests the reason the Rosemont Mine hasn’t been approved is that it might disturb some “obscure critters.” Nonsense.

A Canadian company wants to sell a scarce Arizona resource (copper) to China in large quantities, and plans to make so much money another company wants to acquire it. It would swap some “short-term” job benefits for the horrendous spoliation of many square miles of the Santa Rita Mountains and pristine Sonoran Desert country, using open pits and tailings dumps.

It would apparently pollute water in that area along with the countryside.

Controversy over this destruction of native land has boiled for seven years, pro and con, and now an apologist for the “pros” (who wants also to reduce our “huge national debt”) insults our intelligence by blaming the strong “con” sentiment on “fish, frogs, plants and birds.”

Hey Arizonans ... Rosemont is a “pig in a poke”!

Paul Rees

Retired lawyer, Tucson

Thanks for raising alarm on child welfare

Re: the June 1 column “New CPS agency could save the next Roman Barreras.”

Thank you, Tim Steller, for continuing to cover the horrific murder of Roman Barreras and the great need for our community to do a better job protecting children.

What I don’t understand is why Raquel Barreras — arrested and documented as a meth addict while in her third trimester and with a history of child neglect with her older children — did not get services from the Community Partnership of Southern Arizona/CODAC?

Isn’t a pregnant addict a danger to themselves and to the fetus?

At seven months shouldn’t the mother be guilty of child neglect abuse for giving drugs to her fetus/baby? Why is a pregnant addict not required to get treatment?

The Pima County Health Department birth statistics show an alarming number of women/girls not getting prenatal care and their newborns having serious problems at birth.

Please, Tim, keep raising the alarm on child welfare. I pray some day Tucsonans will care as much about child abuse victims as they do about the University of Arizona basketball program.

Sharon Foltz

Community relations, Tucson