History is repeating itself at TUSD

Re: the Oct. 24 article “State says it’s watching TUSD.”

History is definitely repeating itself. In the l960s, in the midst of the civil rights movement in the South, I lived in Winston-Salem, N.C. As a white teacher, I was interested in knowing what black students were learning about their heritage. I took a course in black history at Winston-Salem State University. It was exciting to read this consciousness-raising literature that I had never studied during my own education.

It became very clear to me why it is important that both black and white people learn from this literature to understand the changes going on in the community. Now the focus is on consciousness-raising around Latino issues. I think non-Latino people would do well to read the list of books being questioned by the state. What are Arizona educators thinking?

Mary Lofquist

Retired high school teacher, Tucson

Creativity, talent

on display at band event

I recently attended the Ironwood Ridge Band Invitational and was impressed not only with the creativity and talent on display in the various high school music programs, but by the dedication of the directors, parents, staff, volunteers and students.

They waited silently as each band was given permission to perform. They entertained themselves and the crowd by spontaneously starting a “wave” while they waited for their scores.

They cheered wildly for every school as the scores were announced and when it was over they filed quickly and respectively toward their buses. Host Ironwood Ridge was helpful to all and the facilities were excellent.

Yes, there will always be schools that enjoy the advantages of better funding and greater parent involvement, but the students all enjoyed themselves.

Ersilia Loustaunau

Band booster, Tucson

Keep incentives

for solar electricity

Re: the Oct. 26 article “APS, solar firms at odds over plan to reduce incentive.”

We are fortunate enough to have been able to buy solar panels, not to save money on electricity, but to help save the planet. Before we chose solar panels, our bills from TEP averaged $20 per month. Now, if the solar incentives that APS (Arizona Public Service Co.) would like to implement are approved by the ACC, our bill will increase by up to $100 per month.

Currently, the excess energy we produce is credited back to us at 3 cents/kwh and TEP resells it at 11 cents/kwh. Does this profit not help to pay for the distribution infrastructure costs that APS would like to be compensated for? We like sharing our energy with the rest of Tucson as we want to live in a sustainable community, rather than live in a world where one acts in one’s own self-interest at the expense of others.

We would like to see the maintenance of existing incentives and have the solar movement grow for a cleaner Arizona and the benefit of our children’s future.

Carol Schneiderman and

Rodney Frable


One-party council should be changed

I took out my ballot, marked it and mailed it. I probably wasted my time. The Tucson voting system allows a voter not in my ward to veto my vote. The result is a one-party City Council. We have Rio Nuevo, an expensive trolley, horrible roads, out of control spending and higher taxes to pay for the bad decisions.

Tucson was ranked by one poll as the 20th worst run city in the country. We were beaten out by several cities in California and, of course, Detroit and Chicago. These all have one thing in common: They have all had a one-party city council for a long time.

The people voted for this system but people have also voted for segregation, slavery and a few other things. Until we demand a change to our voting system we will continue to inch closer and closer to Detroit.

No other areas will join us. Even South Tucson turned us down.

Darrel Thayne

Retired military, Tucson

Sen. Cruz, please show us your birth certificate

Rafael Edward Cruz, U.S. senator, was born outside the United States (Canada, he claims) to a Cuban father and an American mother. How can we be sure he is not Cuban-born, financed and sent here by the communist Castro government to disrupt and overthrow the U.S. government? He’s off to a good start.

Born in Canada? American mother? I have never seen a birth certificate. And this man says he is qualified to be president? In the words of another famous Cuban: Rafael Edward, you’ve got a lot of “esplainin” to do.

James Holmes

Retired railroad conductor, Tucson

Bad crashes on I-10 are preventable

Re: the Oct. 29. article “Dust storm crashes leave 3 dead north of Tucson.”

What is wrong with the leadership at ADOT/DPS that this section of I-10 continues to kill people during dust storms. Can’t we close the interstate while the visibility is near zero?

Install gates that can be closed when severe wind conditions exist much like northern states do during blizzards.

Position DPS so that they can react to shut down the interstate when conditions dictate.

This failure of ADOT is unacceptable. ACT!

Dick Johnson

Retired, Oro Valley