Star’s new policy

on letters rankles

Your new way to submit letters is a mess. Really makes it easy, but for whom? Did I not already supply all the needed info in all my emailed letters? What is going on down there? Do I sense a death spiral?

Sure is making it seem more user-friendly (sarcasm intended). Puts me in mind of when the post office removed the benches and the numbers. All for our convenience, of course. Irking.

Eugene Cole

Retired, Tucson

Let time-temp clock

simply rest in peace

Re: the Sept. 27 article “Downtown time-temperature sign likely won’t run ads, Huckelberry says.”

After reading the articles about reactivating an electronic time-temperature sign that has not functioned for over 20 years, I assume Pima County must be flush with cash and is looking for ways to spend it.

The county administrator at first says it won’t cost us much because we are going to sell advertising, which will pay for the sign. ... Oh, sorry, just found out we can’t legally do that.

When the sign is on at night it will cause light pollution. We will turn it off at night. Problem solved.

This is not an iconic feature for the city. No one comes to Tucson to see an electronic time-temperature sign on top of the Pima County Legal Services Building. So we are going to spend tax dollars for a sign that will only be on part of the time and that no one really missed in the first place.

Andrew Gullo

Retired human resources

professional, Three Points

Border Patrol cameras

may have wider effects

Re: the Sept. 26 article “Border Patrol to test car cameras.”

Border Patrol is proposing the use of dash cameras and lapel cameras to document their enforcement activities. They consider it to be a reasonable way of assuring everyone’s legal rights are protected, but opponents of the proposal claim the use of cameras violates privacy rights.

If the opposition prevails in this case, can we expect the same rationale to be applied to the use of red-light and speed cameras? Taking an individual’s photo in their automobile, without their consent, is a similar violation of privacy rights.

Jo Peterson

Retired, Tucson

More kids, more trash

— and less food

Re: the Sept. 12 article “Mom gives birth to healthy quintuplets in Phx.”

The couple with four just had quints, making nine, with plans to have a few more, making at least 11 or 12. I turn from the news to see my wife loading the washing machine and ask, “Wouldn’t you like to have nine?”

When candidate Romney, when he showed up on stage to concede defeat, posing with his progeny, all impressive and prosperous, they numbered well over two dozen, and climbing.

How rude of me to notice such matters as the world’s billions suggest that everybody on Earth with ova or spermatozoa wants, or is willing to have, more as the land subsides and oceans rise, with less fish and more trash.

David Ray

Poet, Tucson

Firms that can’t pay good wage should close

Re: the Sept. 13 letter to the editor “What we need is jobs, not more forced charity.”

The writer did not note that most of the people who receive the many subsidized services that were listed are the working poor. These people work hard but are paid so little they are still poor and qualify for those services. The writer is not happy about subsidizing these people.

But does the writer realize that she is also subsidizing Walmart, the fast-food chains and the independent business owners that pay their workers so little? If a business owner or a corporation cannot make enough money to pay themselves and their stockholders and still have enough money to pay livable wages for their employees, then maybe they should not be in business.

Those employers should stop forcing us taxpayers to pick up the slack for them not paying a fair wage.

John Higgins

Retired social worker, Tucson

Star needs to offset

conservative writers

Goldberg to Krauthammer to Will? Tinker to Evers to Chance it ain’t. Can’t you find a couple of progressive columnists to combat these guys?

How about bringing Maureen Dowd back or maybe Charlie Pierce. I sure do miss Mike Royko. I doubt there will ever be anyone as good as he was.

Neal Flint

Piano technician, Tucson

Kudos to PCC’s Lambert

for firing deadwood

Re: the Sept. 25 article “PCC fires 2 officials for performance at downtown campus.”

Finally. Never in my 24 years on the faculty of Pima Community College did I see an administrator do what Lee Lambert has just accomplished. He has acted with credibility and decisiveness in firing two administrators who were an impediment to the college mission.

The industry of public education, like many of the wildlands of the West, is filled with overgrowth and deadwood.

With his action, Lambert has started that process at PCC. We should support this effort because, like most public institutions, the college is overburdened with too many employees doing too little productive work as well as wasting resources.

I commend Lambert for this. Hopefully he becomes the model for competent leadership in this community.

Tom Grissom

Retired, Tucson