Biases should not affect judgment

Re: the Nov. 9 letter to the editor “Letters to editor not fair, balanced.”

The writer accuses the Daily Star of demonstrating a liberal bias in the selection of letters it chooses to publish. I wonder if the writer would argue that Fox News is as fair and balanced as it claims. That would indicate a significant bias in itself. We all have our biases, but we shouldn’t let them unnecessarily cloud our judgment.

Tony Banks

Retired, Oro Valley

Chain crew not

to blame for ref’s angst

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Seen and heard at Arizona Stadium.”

I’d like to clear up a statement by reporter Jon Gold. He wrote that referee Jack Folliard was clearly annoyed on a delayed first down call and he is correct. However, Gold also wrote that the source of Folliard’s angst was a “clearly distracted chain crew” and this is the reason I am writing.

The chain crew, of which I am a member, takes its orders from the officials on the field and cannot move until instructed to do so. On the play in question, the chains stretched from the Arizona 25 to 35 and the ball was resting square on the 35 yard line with the nose of the ball in advance of the line — clearly a first down.

However, line judge Steve Kovacs did not stop the clock to indicate a first down and moved back to the sideline for the next down. I mentioned to Steve that a first down had been gained and he then indicated a first down.

William Carson

Retired, Tucson

Gov’t size keeps pace

with US complexity

Re: the Nov. 9 column “Government thinks it knows what’s best for you.”

Jonah Goldberg’s column continues his opposition to the role of our federal government. Consider his statement that “In 1776, the federal government’s portfolio could have easily fit into a file folder,” and he says that the growth occurred because “the government thinks you’re stupid, or at least ignorant.”

Our federal government did not assume its present form until after the Constitution was ratified in 1788, not 1776. Earlier, we were a weak body under the Articles of Confederation. It is no surprise that the federal government has been keeping with our increase in size, population and complexity. It’s incredible to read that government is a “necessary evil.” The phrase is a nice debating point, but is hardly relevant to the age in which we live.

The Daily Star wants us to take its columnists seriously. So, publish serious columnists.

Jerry Belenker

Retired attorney, Green Valley

Voters missed chance to elevate Tucson

Karen Uhlich is “Moving Tucson Forward.” As Tucson was voted the sixth worst city for poverty out of 500 metro areas in the country and one of the least business friendly cities, are we to believe that we will be elevated to the seventh, or eighth worst in America? A robust economy would not bestow upon us such an ignominious title.

The sheep have voted to follow the Judas goats once again, believing somehow that they can alleviate a problem that they seem to be unable to even comprehend. This sad assemblage misses the obvious ways to reduce and/or solve every problem that our city faces. Private business creation is the only solution.

An adamantine effort to achieve a singular goal of business development is paramount. Increased revenue to the city would reduce both economic and social problems. If the current re-elected leaders fail to comprehend this simple axiom, then the condign punishment of these few will be endured yet again by the many.

Jerry Schuchardt

Business owner, Tucson

ACA not perfect,

but is a step forward

Re: the Nov. 14 letter to the editor “Fast forward to impeachment.”

With respect to the retired USAF colonel, since when is a poor choice of words an impeachable offense, and why are you so worried about it? Your outrage should be focused at the insurance companies who sold these junk policies to begin with, or maybe we should just thank them for forcing more people into the Affordable Care Act.

Beginning in January, and for decades into the future, people will have transparent options that really can’t be taken away, and the additional clients will keep costs down. Why so much fighting over something that isn’t perfect, but is a positive step forward?

We should be screaming at Congress to make it even better. Upon hearing a positive ACA experience from a neighbor at a SaddleBrooke forum recently, one lady said, “You should be pushed over a cliff.” We’re all Americans here. Let’s get a grip!

Hollace Lyon

Colonel, USAF (Retired), Tucson

Note lung cancer facts this month

Did you know that November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month? Did you know that each year in the U.S., more than 228,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer, and nearly 160,000 die of the disease? Did you know that lung cancer takes more lives than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined?

Did you know that it accounts for 27 percent of all cancer deaths? Did you know that 1 in 14 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer? For more information please check out: and locally there is a Lung Cancer Support Group with

Crystal Papasan

Retired, Tucson