ATC never disappoints; keep it going

Re: the June 21 article "Troubled ATC sees a deficit of $1M."

We knew the Arizona Theater Company was in trouble, but we had no idea it was so critical. With such a wonderful variety of music, theater and dance to choose from in Tucson, my wife and I decided to concentrate on just one, and for about 15 years we have had season tickets to ATC.

We have never been disappointed. Our fixed retirement incomes do not allow for a lot of extras and this is our one major cultural dessert.

Stick around, John Schaefer. Bring back David Ira Goldstein. Get rid of Mark Cole, for heaven's sake. But please, please keep the ATC going.

Nicholas J. Bleser

Retired park ranger, Tumacacori

Aiding Syrian rebels seems like déjà vu

In March 2003, WMD (weapons of mass destruction) became the buzz word of the day. That was what existed in Iraq and was being used on its citizens, or so we were told. Countless lives and billions of dollars later, that word became "oops."

Today, we are told that Syria has used nerve gas on its citizens and we are sending aid to the "rebels." Is this déjà vu all over again?

Jerry Gary


Reason, logic, civility should be core values

Re: the June 11 guest column "Let's embrace thoughtful discussion, debate based on fact, reason, logic."

What a refreshing counterbalance in viewpoint and tone.

It reminds us that civility, rationality and learning from each other are preferable modes of discourse than what some of our politicians, pundits and self-appointed moralists seem to revert to. That is, simplistic declarations of ill-conceived opinions which are all too frequently filled with stridency, certitude and self-righteousness; not fact, reason or logic.

Let's be thankful we have in our community many thoughtful people like Gil Shapiro, who prefer fact, reason and logic as core values for moving us forward and helping solve problems with others - in community.

Walt Tornow

Psychologist, Tucson

Illegal workers here for their cheap labor

Re: the June 10 editorials "Will immigration reform provide needed workers?"

Congressman Steve King warns that if we make any changes in immigration policy this will be the abandonment of "the rule of law." This would be laughable if it were not so hypocritical.

Millions of illegal workers are in this country because we want them here - we want the advantages of their cheap labor. We just do not want to admit this so we put all the pressure of law enforcement on the immigrant workers and ignore the real source of the problem, America's employers who break the law with impunity.

We abandoned the rule of law on illegal immigration long ago. It is easy for posers like King to call for tougher border enforcement because this only affects powerless, impoverished workers. Let him call for the imprisonment of small business owners and corporate executives, then maybe he would be saying something worth listening to.

Larry DeWitt


Cigarette disposal is a safety issue

Re: the June 9 article "Cigarette starts fire; damage is $10,000."

I enjoyed reading your article about the fire caused by a cigarette butt improperly disposed.

Though I do feel a bit concerned about locals not knowing the consequences when a cigarette is not properly disposed, I feel as if they think cigarettes don't cause fires anymore, and we all know during the summer seasons in Arizona fires are not something to play with.

In some way I would like to raise the awareness for smokers on how important it is to dispose of your cigarettes properly. Not just for the safety of everyone around them but for themselves also. I think the community would feel more at ease if everyone had knowledge of properly disposing of cigarette butts.

Isaiah James Hodges


PCC adjunct faculty ignored by board

Re: the June 13 article "Taxes for PCC will rise 2%; most tuition going up 4.4%"

Your article on Pima Community College awarding pay raises of 1 to 4 percent to its work force was only partially correct. The Board of Governors and top level administrators ignored the group that teaches more than 46 percent of the college's classes - the 1,400 "invisible" adjunct faculty. 

Barbara Benjamin

Adjunct professor, Tucson

How to deal with wraparound ads

Re: the June 16 letter to the editor "Star should stop using wraparound ads."

For those Daily Star readers whose lives seemingly are being badly affected by wraparound ads, I have devised a simple, seven-point system for dealing with them:

1. Remove the ads that annoy you and put them in the recycle bin. Do not read them to see if any of the bargains in them could be helpful to you and your family.

2-6. Refer to No. 1.

7. Pause for a moment and ask yourself if you really want to be known as the sort of person who whines about wraparound ads.

Eliot Kohen

Retired, Tucson