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August 15, 2013 12:00 am

Sitton showed me

my life’s potential

Dave Sitton was a humble man and lived his life to express, not to impress.

He was a close family friend and always there for me. I knew Dave since I was born and grew up watching him and listening to him as a voice of the Wildcats. In my living room, or on the television, I was inspired by his enthusiasm.

Dave has handled more adversity, like lymphoma, with more grace than any of us could hope. He also impacted my life by being so kind to the community in which I live. Dave always looked out for others and always thought of everyone so highly.

When choosing a college path, Dave was a great part of my Wildcat decision. I realize that I am only 18 and do not know what to expect in a few weeks when I start college, but Dave Sitton helped me realize my potential in life. I will do what it takes to live up to that expectation.

Sam Drachman

Soon-to-be Wildcat, Tucson

Now let’s do something

about poverty

Many thanks to the Star for the series on poverty in Tucson.

While some may decry the information as discouraging or disparaging of us, we need to know where we are and where we are is serious.

Now that we know it, let’s do something about it: Support literacy efforts, contribute to improving public schools (not just private and charter ones).

I noted that a number of the people in poverty were working, but at low wages. We also need to increase the minimum wage to a living wage. We’re all in this together, and we should work together to make Tucson the flourishing community we want it to be.

Diane Wilson

Retired, Tucson

A cigarette is a cigarette

by any other name

Re: the July 24 article “TUSD board votes to ban e-cigarettes for everyone.”

What do you call it? A cigarette. What do you do with it? You smoke it. Any way you put it, you’re smoking a cigarette.

Would you have us think you’re knitting a sweater?

Jennifer Otto

Shuttle bus driver, Tucson

Republicans presume

everyone is a liar

Re: the Aug. 1 article “Horne threatens lawsuit over voter registration.”

I find it pretty disgusting for the attorney general to presume all voters come to the polls as presumed liars. Fixing a problem that doesn’t exist is simply a collective way for Republicans to stop many people from voting.

It isn’t just here; it’s a national GOP agenda item. I find these people repulsive in that they believe they have some duty to call every voter a liar. I have no issue if someone has reason to suspect I’m lying to prove my identity, but to be presumed a liar absent reasonable grounds for that suspicion is an affront to all citizens. My word and my oath and my signature have always been OK.

Donald Shelton


Should poor women

just have abortions?

Re: the Aug. 2 letter to the editor “If diapers are too costly, don’t have a baby.”

A few questions for the letter writer suggesting that a single, disabled woman who can’t afford diapers should not have a baby. If a poor woman is pregnant, should she have an abortion? Would you be the one to force her to have one? Blessed are the poor?

A. Lawrence Brennan Glynn

Retired attorney, Tucson

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