'Me-first' society causes great harm

Recent protests about the elimination of Saturday postal delivery are indicative of the problem: I'm guessing that many of these same people are among those who are demanding lower taxes and less government, just as long as changes don't affect any of the services they want or need.

Road repair? Heck yes. Police and fire protection? You bet. Abortion? Not with my tax dollars. Schools? Don't close the ones my kids go to; there are plenty of others. Medical care? I've got mine, it's just too bad about the rest. Benefits promised to vets? Yes. Victims of Katrina and Sandy? How can you say no? A bridge to nowhere? Shame on you.

It costs a lot of dollars to run this government for the benefit of everyone, and it can't all be dumped on the poor and disenfranchised by eliminating social services. We all have to step up and be willing to pay our share for the common good.

It's the selfish, myopic, "me first," no-room-for-compromise society we have developed into that's killing us. And it's only getting worse.

William F. Alenson

Retired, Tucson

Free shotguns would help high-crime areas

Re: the March 27 article "Ex-Tucson mayoral hopeful plans free shotguns for high-crime areas."

As a resident of a south-side neighborhood with a high crime rate, I am not opposed to the idea of the firearms program, as some families in high-crime neighborhoods cannot afford to buy a firearm to protect themselves.

I do not agree with passing a background check and taking training classes as the only requirements for receiving the free firearm. If these are the only requirements to meet, the chances of a mentally unstable person being able to receive a free firearm through this program are high, allowing for another incident like what happened in 2011 at the northwest-side Safeway or what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012.

I also think this is a good idea because it will make criminals think twice about breaking into homes to commit home invasions.

Arthur Hernandez


Kelly's gun purchase was political stunt

Re: the March 28 Sarah Garrecht Gassen column "Kelly is a target because he wants to curb guns; ignore the distractions."

She completely fails to understand the concern of those who oppose his outbursts. Mark Kelly is a target because he is, in the Obama terms, not letting a good tragedy get away. He is staying in the news, he is the darling of the media, but he offers nothing worthy of discussion.

The issue is what can be done to prevent future Newtown tragedies, and none of the proposals provides any solutions, just political ideology.

Mark Kelly's purchase of a gun proved only one thing: that as a law-abiding citizen, he has a right to purchase a gun. Of course it is easy - he is a law-abiding citizen; it should be easy. But did anyone notice that the store canceled the sale? What that means is that during the waiting period, the sale was canceled - notice the waiting period.

The sale was canceled by the seller because it became apparent that the sale was a political stunt.

Sometimes the laws work. Let Mark Kelly and former Rep. Giffords retire.

LH Hancock

Accountant, Tucson

Gun column showed refreshing ideas

Re: the March 28 Sarah Garrecht Gassen column "Kelly is a target because he wants to curb guns; ignore the distractions."

Good for Sarah! Her clarity of vision and ability to see and express the truth so eloquently is so refreshing. It's like ... it's like ... water in the desert!

Judy Mercer

Retired R.N., Oro Valley

Ryan Airfield helped during crisis

Re: the March 28 Phoenix-datelined news brief "Ryan Airfield's tower to lose funding April 7."

I am saddened by the recent announcement by the FAA to close the Ryan Airfield Control Tower effective April 7. My husband is a pilot and recently had to quickly land his plane due to a mechanical issue. The closest airport was Ryan Airfield.

The tower personnel were wonderful in prioritizing him first for landing. They then followed up with him while on the ground to ensure he was OK and asked if they could do anything to help him. He was able to get the issue resolved, flew back to TIA and had the plane repaired.

I want to thank those at the Ryan Airfield control tower for their professionalism and compassion during a very serious situation. I only hope the tower closure will be temporary and these great men and women who keep our friendly skies safe return to their jobs soon.

Teresa Bruner

Small-business owner, Tucson