says Republicans and Democrats have failed Arizonans and all Americans.

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The Star invited Arizona's three U.S. Senate candidates to answer that question, based on the following background:

Since this Senate seat was last open in 2006, the percentage of Arizonans who are registered independents has increased by 360,322 voters, or 54 percent. That compares with growth of 176,945 voters, or 9 percent, for all parties combined. There are now 1 million Arizona voters who identify with no party and 2 million who are party-affiliated.

How do you explain this trend toward rejection of organized political parties?

This is the last of three Sundays of guest commentaries by the Senate candidates. You can read previous stories at

I don't see this trend as a rejection of organized political parties. Although rejecting organized political parties may be a good idea, I see this trend more as a rejection of both the Republican and Democrat parties. This rejection of both the Republicans and the Democrats is with good reason and fully justified. To put it bluntly, both the Republicans and Democrats have completely failed Arizonans and all Americans.

The grave problems faced by Arizonans and Americans in general were entirely caused by both the Republicans and Democrats. Regardless of which party controls the presidency, the Congress or the Supreme Court, the size and scope of government has grown massively. Our civil liberties remain under attack from both parties. Government spending continues to increase regardless of which party is in control. People are finally realizing that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have the solutions to these problems, but rather are the cause.

I would ask the independent voters to realize that doing what they have always done, i.e. supporting Republicans and Democrats, will continue to net them what they have always gotten. People wanting the status quo should continue to support Republicans or Democrats. People wanting to support the principles America was founded upon, i.e. individual liberty, individual rights and responsibilities, should support Libertarians instead of business as usual.

Don't be afraid of the "L." I could easily have registered as an "R" or a "D." I am the same person regardless of which letter is next to my name. However, the "L" is an easy way to identify a person who is committed to a set of principles. "L's" believe free people own themselves, their bodies, their time, their money and their property. "L's" believe, as stated in the Declaration of Independence that the purpose of government is to secure our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. "L's" believe competent adults decide for themselves how to run their lives and are free to do so in any way they choose so long as they do not interfere with another person's rights.

"L's" oppose the welfare state and the notion that government knows what's best and should care for people from cradle to grave. Not just independents, but all people who cherish liberty and oppose the ever-growing government, should reject the "R's" and "D's" and support the "L's." Don't be afraid of your freedom!

Libertarian Marc Victor is a criminal defense lawyer, with offices in Chandler since 1994.