Martha McSally


What Southern Arizona-specific issues will you champion in Congress?    

The Star invited Southern Arizona's congressional candidates to answer that question.

This is the second of three Sundays of guest commentaries by the congressional candidates. Find previous columns at

I will hit the ground running in Congress with the leadership and experience needed to tackle the challenges our nation and community face.

We must get our economy growing to create good jobs and opportunities for middle class families. To accomplish that, I will be a champion of local small businesses. I will fight to roll back suffocating mandates and regulations that stifle growth and reform the tax code to simplify and keep taxes low enough to incentivize hiring, investing and bringing jobs back from overseas.

I have been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, which represents small-business interests. I have also been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Associated Builders and Contractors because they see Ron Barber's anti-jobs voting record and assess that I will be the champion of small business.

I will work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, to lower the cost of health care and protect Medicare. However, robbing $716 billion from Medicare, as Barber has done, is something I cannot support. I will advocate for thoughtful health-care reform that focuses on patients, families and doctors making medical decisions, preventative care and strengthening of Medicare for current and future generations.

There are many other issues specific to Southern Arizona that I will champion.

1. Secure the border/immigration reform. My 26 years in the military equip me with the strategic understanding of how to lead the effort to use intelligence-driven operations to detect, monitor and intercept illegal activity. We must also reform our cumbersome immigration system.

2. Defense/veterans. I would have voted for the bipartisan bill (Editor's note: the National Security and Job Protection Act) that provided a plan to avoid the deep automatic defense cuts through sequestration, which Mr. Barber voted against. I will champion support to our veterans as a part of our covenant for their service. I will fight to bring the F-35 to Tucson and keep Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Fort Huachuca.

3. Research/testing. I will advocate for research funds to come to University of Arizona and for the Federal Aviation Administration to choose Arizona as one of the six test sites for Unmanned Aerial Systems.

4) Education. I will fight to improve our education system, which is our future.

I am a lifelong leader with a record of standing up against the establishment and fighting for the people of this nation. I am ready to fight tirelessly for Southern Arizona in Congress and bring the leadership needed to get results.

McSally is the Republican candidate in District 2, which includes much of Tucson plus Vail, Green Valley, Sahuarita and southeastern Arizona.