The woman who first revealed the capture of the last known jaguar in the United States known as Macho B was deliberate pleaded not guilty on Thursday to federal charges that she violated the Endangered Species Act.

Janay Brun, 38, of Arivaca, was released on her own recognizance after a hearing in a federal magistrate's courtroom in Tucson. Her charges stem from a Feb. 4, 2009 incident in which Brun said she was ordered by biologist Emil McCain to place female jaguar scat at the site where Macho B was snared two weeks later.

She is charged with the illegal take of an endangered species - the charge to which McCain pleaded guilty on May 14.

"What we intend to do is to review all the government reports on this case and discuss this matter with prosecutors," said Michael Picaretta, Brun's attorney. "I want to have a complete discussion of Janay's role in bringing this matter to public attention and the benefits that happened from her cooperation."

A hearing in the case is expected later this month before Magistrate Bernardo Velasco, who approved McCain's guilty plea last week. McCain received five years' probation and was fined $1,000.

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