PHOENIX — Arizonans will soon learn what they need to do to survive electromagnetic Armageddon.

Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation today to require the state Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to prepare materials spelling out what people need to have on hand should someone explode a high-altitude nuclear device over the state. Such a blast would send out high-level energy pulses that could fry all electronic equipment using computers, from cell phones to the computers that run power plants.

Brewer also signed measures to:

  • Delay the ability of some people to get unemployment insurance based on severance pay;
  • Operate a "Silver Alert'' system to help notify the public of missing seniors;
  • Fix a mistake made by lawmakers last year in laws governing the campaign finances of candidates;
  • Allow people as young as 16 to be licensed as cosmetologists.

The governor also gave her blessing to legislation designed to help former legislators deal with subpoenas they got in connection with the ongoing legal battle over SB 1070.

Challengers of the 2010 law aimed at illegal immigration contend racial animosity was at least partly the motive of some lawmakers in crafting and approving the measure. And they have subpoenaed personal emails going back for years to try to prove their case.

This new law allows the state Attorney General's Office to provide legal representation to these former lawmakers who want to battle the subpoenas. Current legislators already are entitled to state-paid legal help.

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