The House voted 37-18 Wednesday to put a constitutional right to hunt and fish in the Arizona Constitution.

Backers of HCR 2008 said the measure is designed to deter special interests from proposing ballot measures that would limit the ability to hunt, either by restricting the methods available or by deciding that certain species should not be hunted. That happened more than a decade ago when an initiative successful banned the use of steel-jawed leghold traps.

But Rep. Nancy Young Wright, D-Tucson, said it's wrong to enact a constitutional amendment saying that hunting is the preferred method of animal control.

The measure goes to the Senate.

School reading

The House agreed to bar third-graders from being promoted unless they can first pass a test showing they can read at the expected level.

HB 2732 includes provisions for those who fail the reading test to go to summer school as well as have a different teacher for reading the following year. Pupils also would get intensive reading instruction before, during or after the regular school day.

Exceptions would be provided for certain youngsters, including those with disabilities and those who have identified reading deficiencies and have been held back twice before. It now goes to the Senate.

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