A Chandler resident sent several lawmakers who support a contraceptives bill hand-knitted uteruses.

Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Several dozen state lawmakers got an unusual -- and unsolicited — gift Thursday: their very own uterus.

The four-inch red or pink knitted uteruses — longer if the fallopian tubes are stretched out — were delivered to the Capitol in plastic bags with the names of lawmakers who have supported legislation to let employers refuse to provide contraceptive coverage to their workers. Each bag also had a typewritten note urging lawmakers to accept the uterus as "a reminder of the women who are or have been in your life.''

"I am amazed that you have taken it on to make personal health care decisions for all these women, without knowing anything about their individual circumstances,'' read the note signed by Chandler resident Deborah Sullivan.

"A significant majority of adult women, have used contraception at some time in their lives, frequently within marriage, for a variety of reasons, without intervention of Congress,'' it continues. "This status should continue, as a recognition of the dignity of women.''

The letter also says increased access to contraceptives will mean fewer abortions and fewer unwanted children who may become victims of abuse.

"Please treat the women in your life as the intelligent persons they are,'' it ends. "I provide you with a uterus. Please leave ours alone.''

Sullivan told Capitol Media Services she felt it important, even in her 60s, to get involved and to make sure lawmakers think about women when they consider HB 2625.

"Who knew that as a grandmother I'd get motivated to do something political based on my knitting group,'' she said.