PAULDEN, Ariz. - A unique 9-foot gargoyle statue in Northern Arizona is drawing fire - not for its size, but for the gargoyle's large genitalia.

Yavapai County officials for days have been pressing Louis Smith to remove statue from his five-acre property following neighbor complaints.

If Smith doesn't remove or shield the statue, he could be be fined $100 plus a $1,000 sanction, although he could apply for a use permit for the statue.

Smith said the county is violating his constitutional right to freedom of expression. His said the statue, created by his son, is a "statement of individuality" and it's not going anywhere.

Smith's son, David, is working on a second statue with a similar body part as the gargoyle. He says once it's complete he will place it up, too. "I built it a certain way and I like it like that," welder David Smith told KTVK-TV, referring to his first statue.

A hearing on the statue is scheduled in July.

"I'm a David trying to fight a Goliath," Louis Smith said. "And I don't have a slingshot."