A massive haboob swept through Phoenix on Tuesday, lingering above the Arizona capital for hours and creating an eyesore for residents.

The dust storm picked up as a result of the showers and thunderstorms that popped around the state, with gusty outflow winds raising the elements.

With another area of low pressure swinging a cold front in tomorrow, weather experts say another storm is likely, according to My Fox Phoenix.

Arizona is no stranger to large dust storms, or haboobs, during the summer monsoon period, but meteorologists say Tuesday's storm is unseasonably early.

The National Weather Service says a large cloud of dust was first spotted near Eloy about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Meteorologists say a dry storm with winds of up to 35 mph kicked up the dust in southern Arizona and the cloud moved north to the Phoenix area.

A dust storm warning was first issued for the Interstate 10 corridor between Tucson and Casa Grande, just south of Phoenix.

State Department of Public Safety officials say blowing dust along I-10 north of Picacho Peak resulted in at least five crashes