Bodies confirmed as missing musicians

MEXICO CITY - A Mexican official said police have pulled 14 bodies from a well and that 12 of them have been identified as members of a musical band kidnapped by gunmen in northern Mexico last week.

Nuevo Leon state security spokesman Jorge Domene said police will continue to search the well Tuesday since three members are still missing.

The Kombo Kolombia band was playing at a ranch when 10 gunmen entered the warehouse Friday and forced 18 musicians and crew members into waiting vehicles.

One of the musicians escaped and led authorities to the well.


UN agency: Violence in prisons 'alarming'

CARACAS - Venezuela's government is facing mounting criticism from activists and the U.N. human rights office for its handling of the country's overcrowded and violent prisons following a clash between inmates and troops that left at least 58 dead.

Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, expressed concern on Tuesday about "an alarming pattern of violence in Venezuelan prisons, which is a direct consequence of poor conditions."

"We call for prompt and effective investigations into this incident," Colville said at a news conference in Geneva.

The U.N. human-rights office noted that guns are widespread in Venezuelan prisons and violence is frequent. It said government authorities bear responsibility for what happens to inmates.


Sinn Fein apologizes for IRA killing of cops

DUBLIN - Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams apologized Tuesday for the Irish Republican Army's killing of seven police officers and soldiers in the Republic of Ireland, the latest such statement of regret over past bloodshed to come from the IRA-linked party.

Adams expressed remorse during a parliamentary debate about the security and political response to Friday's fatal shooting of a police officer in the border town of Dundalk. Detective Adrian Donohoe, 41, was shot in the head as he tried to stop a gang robbing a cash collection van outside a bank. An IRA faction based in the neighboring South Armagh region of Northern Ireland is suspected of involvement.

Donohoe was the first policeman to be fatally shot in the Republic of Ireland since 1996, when members of the dominant Provisional IRA faction ambushed another cash-carrying van in Limerick and killed police guard Jerry McCabe. The Provisionals killed a total of six policemen and one soldier during their failed 1970-1997 campaign to force Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom.

Adams, a reputed former Provisional IRA commander who has led Sinn Fein since 1983, apologized to McCabe's widow, to the policeman who was badly wounded alongside McCabe in 1996, and to the families of the other six Irish security-force members slain by the IRA.

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