Enthusiastic voters lined up early to take their turn at the polls in Kisumu, west of Nairobi. Many Kenyans endured long lines Monday to participate in the first presidential vote under a new constitution, and election officials were predicting a 70 percent turnout.



Drug lord dropped from billionaires' list

MEXICO CITY - Top Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has dropped off Forbes magazine's billionaires' list after four years.

Guzman is the fugitive leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel. He first made the list in 2009, with a fortune listed at about $1 billion. Forbes senior wealth editor Luisa Kroll said in a statement Monday that Guzman is "no longer someone we are confident enough to call a billionaire," and that he could not be reached to verify figures on his wealth.

Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim continues to head the list, with a fortune estimated at $73 billion.


19 killed in Mombasa Election Day violence

MOMBASA - Kenya's presidential election drew millions of eager voters who endured long lines to cast ballots Monday, but the vote was marred by violence that left 19 people dead, including four policemen hacked to death by machete-wielding separatists.

Officials urged voters not to be intimidated by the violence amid fears the impending election results could spark another round of the ethnic-related bloodshed in which more than 1,000 people died after the 2007 vote.

The election is the first presidential vote under a new constitution designed to prevent such ethnic violence. Enthusiastic voters formed long lines around the country, and election officials estimated turnout at 70 percent of 14 million registered voters.


Key al-Qaida chief in Mali likely killed

PARIS - France said Monday for the first time that a key al-Qaida leader in Mali is probably dead. An activist close to the terror network's north Africa branch was also reported to have confirmed the death of Algerian-born warlord Abou Zeid.

In recent days, France's ally Chad has said Chadian troops in northern Mali killed Abou Zeid and another radical with links to al-Qaida, Moktar Belmoktar, who was behind a hostage-taking of foreign workers at an Algerian gas plant in January that left dozens dead.

If confirmed, their killings could mark an important turning point for France and its African allies in their quest to root out jihadists who took control of northern Mali last year.


Queen Elizabeth leaves hospital

LONDON - Queen Elizabeth II on Monday left the London hospital where she had been admitted a day earlier after suffering from symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Television footage showed the 86-year-old monarch wearing a bright red coat and smiling as she left King Edward VII's hospital and got into a waiting limousine.

A spokesman had said earlier that she was in "good spirits" and that she had been admitted as a "precaution."

But since it was the first time the queen had spent the night in hospital in 10 years, questions were raised about her general health.

'Batman' turns over suspect to police

LONDON - A man dressed as Batman brought a suspected burglar into a police station in northern England.

West Yorkshire Police said Monday that they do not know the identity of the man who appeared in "a full Batman outfit" and turned in a 27-year-old suspect to police in Bradford, England.

CCTV images released by police show a caped crusader - fully clad with the comic hero's boots, gloves and logo across his chest - standing alongside a man in a red hooded sweatshirt.

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