A remote-controlled electrical flying bike carrying a dummy hovers during a 5-minute test flight in Prague on Wednesday.



58 migrants saved from Nogales home

MEXICO CITY - Mexican federal police rescued 58 migrants who were allegedly kidnapped and held in Nogales, Sonora.

The federal police department said in a statement Wednesday that 51 migrants are from Guatemala, six from India and one from El Salvador. A 43-year-old man who was guarding them at a home was detained.

Until recently, most abductions of migrants happened in northeastern Mexico, an area controlled by the Zetas and the Gulf drug cartels.

Organized crime in northwestern Mexico is run by the Sinaloa drug cartel, which controls the border area along Arizona.


2,000 flights canceled on strike's second day

PARIS - A strike by air traffic controllers forced cancellations of more than 60 percent of flights around France and disrupted travel elsewhere in Europe on Wednesday, as workers protested a plan to simplify the continent's patchwork airspace.

Over 2,000 flights were canceled in France as more workers joined the second day of the strike. The walkout started Tuesday and is scheduled to end by today.

Air traffic controllers are upset at an EU plan to consolidate the patchwork of air traffic control systems across the 27-country bloc under one authority.


Anti-Putin protesters march in Moscow

MOSCOW - Thousands of Russian opposition activists marched through Moscow on Wednesday, decrying President Vladimir Putin's authoritarian rule and calling for the release of political prisoners.

The march on Russia Day, a national holiday, was to show support for 27 people arrested after a protest turned violent on the eve of Putin's inauguration more than a year ago. Sixteen have remained in jail pending trial on charges that could send them to prison for up to 10 years.

The estimated 10,000 to 15,000 protesters who turned out Wednesday were far fewer than the 100,000 or more who rallied against Putin before his election to a third term, reflecting a wariness that has taken the steam out of the protest movement. But the turnout was still higher than many had expected.


220 pounds of cocaine found in banana boxes

COPENHAGEN - Drug traffickers back in Colombia must be going bananas over how their shipment ended up at Danish supermarkets and not on the streets.

Police say employees at the supermarket chain Coop got a big surprise when they opened banana boxes from the South American country and found about 220 pounds of what police believe is cocaine.

The powder was discovered last week in Aarhus, western Denmark.

Czech Republic

Flying bicycle goes on 5-minute cruise

PRAGUE - Is it a bike? Is it a plane?

Three Czech companies have teamed up to make a prototype of an electric bicycle that successfully took off Wednesday inside an exhibition hall in Prague and landed safely after a remote-controlled, five-minute flight.

Looking like a heavy mountain bike, it weighs 209 pounds. It has two battery-power propellers in the front, two in the back and one each on the sides. A dummy rode in the saddle.

Milan Duchek, technical director of Duratec, a bicycle frames maker, said more powerful batteries will be needed before a human takes a two-wheeled flight.

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