Representatives of the two Koreas will meet today in the border village of Panmunjom on restarting the factory park.


SEOUL - North Korea agreed to hold talks today with South Korea on reopening a jointly run industrial zone, part of moves to repair ties that it severed earlier this year after conducting a nuclear test.

The talks at the Panmunjom border village will discuss normalizing relations at the Gaeseong factory park, a key source of hard currency for Kim Jong Un's regime, and allowing South Korean businesses to retrieve completed products from the zone.

The North's agreement on the talks, which was announced by the South's Unification Ministry in a text message Thursday night and came after it restored a border hot line, reflects a broader shift toward dialogue after Kim defied the United Nations Security Council with a nuclear test in February. China, the North's chief backer, later toughened enforcement of UN sanctions, and the totalitarian state has since sought talks directly with the U.S. as well.