Loyalists face riot police in Belfast during Ulster's annual marches by the Orange Order. The confrontation was Friday.


Northern Ireland

Protestants attack cops over blockade

BELFAST - Protestant hard-liners attacked lines of Belfast riot police Friday as Northern Ireland's annual mass marches by the Orange Order brotherhood reached a furious, chaotic end with running street battles at several urban conflict zones.

In north Belfast, police in flame-retardant suits and helmets deployed a half-dozen armored cars to block a road that Protestant Orangemen wanted to use to march past a hostile Catholic district.

Men jumped on top of the vehicles blocking their path and, as crowds of blocked marchers built up behind them, threw bottles and bricks into police lines.

Many in the mob cheered as at least one policeman, struck and knocked semiconscious, was pulled back by colleagues.

Officers responded by firing a massive mobile water cannon at the rioters.


Suicide bomber hits Kirkuk cafe, killing 38

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber detonated his explosives in a crowded coffee shop late Friday in the northern city of Kirkuk, killing at least 38 and wounding more than two dozen in the latest in a string of bloody attacks pounding Iraq since the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Iraq is being rocked by its deadliest and most sustained wave of bloodshed in half a decade. More than 2,600 people have been killed since the start of April.

Another suicide bomber and a shooting elsewhere in the country killed five members of the security forces, bringing Friday's toll to 43.


Public asked to eat fewer tomatoes

BUENOS AIRES - Argentines are seeing red after being asked to eat fewer tomatoes.

The government asked consumers Friday to try to stay away from the beloved food for at least two months because of an expected shortage caused by seasonal reasons including crop rotations.

Officials say all other fruits and vegetables are available. But Argentines are frustrated because the tomato is a must in many of their dishes.


Utah student, 2 others gored during bull run

PAMPLONA - An American college student and two Spaniards were gored Friday during a danger-filled sixth bull run of Spain's San Fermin festival, with one loose bull causing panic in the packed streets of the city of Pamplona.

The University of Utah confirmed that the gored American was one of its students, Patrick Eccles. The local government press office gave his age as 20.


Train crash kills 6, injures at least 22

BRETIGNY-SUR-ORGE - At least six people were killed and 22 seriously injured when a packed train crashed into a station about 25 miles south of Paris on Friday, just as trains were full of people leaving the capital to start holidays.

Rescue operations were still underway after night fell, more than five hours after the crash.

Bernard Decaux, mayor of Bretigny-sur-Orge, where the crash occurred, said there could still be more dead under one of the carriages.

President François Hollande, who rushed to the scene, confirmed the known count of those dead and injured so far and said Bastille Day - July 14 - would this year be a day of mourning as France mourns a "catastrophe."

It was the worst French train accident since 1988, when 56 people died in Gare de Lyon station in Paris.

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