Tucson police investigate the scene and interview witnesses in an officer-involved shooting at St. Michael’s Apartments on April 24, 2013.

Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star

Tucson-area law enforcement officers were involved in 15 shootings in 2013:

Jan. 15 — TPD Officer Jayson Thompson shot and killed Dustin Wernli, 30, at about 7:30 p.m., after a 15-minute standoff with police who responded to a 911 call about an armed and suicidal man at an apartment complex. Werneli was shot as he reached for his holstered gun after ignoring repeated commands to surrender.

Jan. 25 — At about 5 a.m., Tucson police Sgt. Anthony Kadous shot and killed Willie Davis Jr., 23, following a foot-chase down a midtown alley. Kadous fired 39 shots at Davis Jr., who was suspected in the armed robbery of 10 businesses and the attempted robbery of at least two others in a 26-hour period.

Jan. 25 — Deputy Chance Kennedy shot at Cody Saltzman, then 21, twice and missed before Saltzman surrendered. The deputy was called to a northwest-side home because of a domestic dispute. When he arrived, Saltzman was outside wearing a bulletproof vest and holding what looked like a rifle wrapped in a towel. Saltzman pointed the weapon at the deputy before Kennedy fired. Saltzman turned out to be carrying a piece of wood shaped like a rifle and his vest was a shell that had no armored protection.

Feb. 7 — Tucson police Officer Jerald Knepper shot and injured suspect Chauncy Vasquez, then 42, at about 12:30 a.m. while investigating the theft of copper wire from a Union Pacific Railroad yard. Knepper spotted Vasquez and another suspect in the area and ordered them to show their hands. The men began arguing with the officer who saw Vasquez holding something shiny. When Vasquez raised the shiny object toward Knepper, the officer fired two rounds. The object turned out to be a flashlight.

Feb. 10 — Deputy Curtis Greenman shot and injured Michael Schouler, after responding with another deputy to a 911 call about a domestic dispute. Schouler, who was sitting in a car, pulled a knife out and slit his own throat. Simultaneously, Greenman shot Schouler thinking the shiny object in his hand was a gun.

Feb. 17 — At about 6:30 a.m., TPD Officer Jesus Arriola responded to a call about a prowler. The officer found two men walking nearby and when he questioned them, Javier Sanchez, 17, ran away. The officer chased the teen over a fence and into a backyard. When Sanchez reached for a gun in his waistband, Arriola tased him, but it had no effect. The officer pulled his service weapon and fired several rounds at Sanchez who jumped over a block wall and got away. A blood trail led to a nearby apartment and Sanchez was found at a hospital where he was being treated for a nonlife threatening gunshot wound.

April 24 —TPD officers David Ortiz and Anthony Flores shot and killed Robert Lopez, 33, at about 1:30 p.m. after a woman found him hiding in a doghouse in her yard. Lopez ignored commands to drop the gun he was holding.

May 18 — At about 7 p.m., TPD Sgt. William Corrales and Officer Jesus Tapia shot and killed Freddy Batt Sosa, 22, who was armed with a gun that later turned out to be a realistic looking BB gun. The officers had responded to a domestic violence call in a parking lot. Sosa pulled the gun out of his waistband as he walked toward police.

May 22 — Deputy Jamie McNeely shot at Tyler James Dahlstrom, then 24, who was fleeing the deputy following a traffic stop. Dahlstrom was running from the deputy when he tripped and fell and the gun he was carrying discharged. Dahlstrom was not shot, but he was injured while resisting arrest.

June 8 — TPD officers John Malovich, Alex Samorano and Jesus Maldonado shot and killed Renee Witham, 24, after she called 911 at about 1:15 a.m. threatening suicide. Witham was outside her apartment when officer arrived and she raised a handgun at the officers.

Aug. 3 — Deputy Jesus Davila shot and killed Alvin McBride, 41, during an altercation in a convenience store. Davila responded to a call about an armed man at the store and McBride pulled a gun on him. As the men wrestled for control of the gun, the deputy was shot in the leg. During the ongoing struggle, Davila pulled his gun and shot McBride.

Aug. 17 — South Tucson police Sgt. Sean Masters shot and injured Richard Carlin, 34, after responding to a 911 call about a man threatening someone with a gun. Carlin, who was walking down an alley, refused the sergeant’s order to stop and instead reached for a sawed off shotgun strapped to his body.

Nov. 17 — TPD Officer Jamie Gutierrez was setting up traffic cones at about 10:15 p.m. to block a road while detectives investigated a homicide when Ramon Soto-Cedeno, then 36, drove around the cones. Gutierrez caught up to the truck and stopped it to talk to Soto-Cedeno and his passenger. While speaking with them, the officer placed his foot in the space between the passenger-side door. Seeing open containers of alcohol in the truck, Gutierrez asked the driver to get out of the truck. Instead, Soto-Cedeno began driving away, dragging the officer alongside the truck. With his free hand Gutierrez was able to fire two shots into the truck before breaking free. Soto-Cedeno crashed his truck and ran to a nearby apartment complex where he was apprehended with a wound to his leg.

Nov. 20 — Deputy Gilbert Caudillo shot and killed Marty Maiden Jr., 20, during a SWAT standoff. Deputies were called to a home on the southwest side in reference to a suicidal man. Maiden Jr., who had military experience, came out of the home holding a rifle, and was shot when he refused commands to drop the gun.

Dec. 2 — At about 9:30 a.m. a woman called 911 to have deputies check on her roommate, Scott Mitchell, 46, who was suicidal and had a firearm. After a five-hour standoff during which Mitchell shot and disabled a SWAT robot and fired several rounds at deputies, tear gas was shot into the home. When Mitchell came out of a back door, he was shot and killed by PCSD Sgt. Derek Tyra. A revolver and a rifle were found on the floor near Mitchell’s body.