A dinner party with soup and salad courses and wine requires a bit more for the table setting. Video by Johanna Eubank, Arizona Daily Star.

A tiny near-Earth asteroid animation courtesy of University of Arizona astronomer Vishnu Reddy.

Wildlife officers released 20 bighorn sheep into the Catalina Mountains early Tuesday morning, bringing the bighorn population there to 85 animals. Video by Doug Kreutz, Arizona Daily Star.

Marcia Roberts and son Gordon Austin continue long tradition at last aid station during El Tour. Video by A.E. Araiza

With eight miles to go, some cyclists stop at the last aid station while others keep going. Video by A.E. Araiza

Bicyclists begin the 106-mile portion of El Tour as they leave the downtown area. Video by A.E. Araiza

Students, parents, staff and the Living Streets Alliance spent recent weekend giving the walk to Pueblo Gardens Elementary a new, more playful look

Neighbors, students and parents paint the Menor Stravenue at Living Streets Alliance event. Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star

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