There was a very rare birth in Amity, Oregon Tuesday morning that looks like it may have a happy ending. A tiny kitten was born with two faces, but one body and an apparently healthy set of organs.

The kitten's owner Stephanie Durkee took the rare little baby to the vet, who checked her out and found everything in working order. There's also nothing wrong with the newborn's lungs as she's a very vocal little kitty, according to Durkee.

The unusual female kitten has been named "Deucy." She was born at 6:11 a.m. on 6/11 under the "Gemini" astrological sign. Stephanie can't help but wonder at the "double" coincidences surrounding "Deucy's" birth.

The rare baby has been rejected by her mother, so Stephanie is feeding her warmed kitten formula every two hours with a syringe. She says she's eating well and is stronger than the other two kittens that survived their birth. "Deucy" is being kept in a dresser drawer with a heating pad and towels.

Stephanie plans to keep her rare kitten, and hopes she has a long life. Cats with two faces are known as "Janus" cats. Stephanie's vet told her he's aware of only four of five Janus kittens to live to adulthood with the oldest known living to 12 years old...