Shop around when hiring movers. Some give discounts to students, the military, older people or AAA members. (NAPS)

(NAPSI)—Every year, some 35 million Americans move to a new home. If you’re ever among them, you should know that three simple steps can help you go a long way toward more savings and less stress:

1. Downsize. Donate, sell or toss anything you don’t love, need or use. Pay special attention to bulky, heavy stuff such as:

• Books and magazines. Are you really going to read them again?

• Food. Why pay movers to pack and lug 80-cent cans of tomatoes or $1 boxes of pasta?

• Old appliances. A washing machine lasts about 10 years, a dryer 13. It may pay to buy new ones for your new home.

2. Comparison shop. The American Moving & Storage Association recommends getting at least three in-home quotes.

3. Time your move. Mid-week and mid-month can offer better deals and more flexible dates with movers. Also, get an early start the day of your move. Two of the best time-savers:

• If you live in an apartment, reserve elevator access for moving day.

• Save a parking spot for the moving truck in front of your building.

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