The investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious came to light because of the shooting death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in a desolate area west of Rio Rico in December 2010. Terry and a team of fellow tactical team members encountered a suspected "rip crew," and gunfire ensued. Investigators found that two weapons left at the scene had been sold in January 2010 to a man who was a target of the ATF investigation.

In a recent public statement Terry's parents said, "Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to fully disclose the documents associated with Operation Fast and Furious and President Obama's assertion of executive privilege serves to compound this tragedy. It denies the Terry family and the American people the truth."

It goes on, "Our son lost his life protecting this nation, and it is very disappointing that we are now faced with an administration that seems more concerned with protecting themselves rather than revealing the truth behind Operation Fast and Furious."

Josephine and Kent Terry have filed a $25 million claim against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and a lawsuit against a Glendale gun shop in connection with their son's death.

Senior Editor, News, Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Az.