I am you.

We are standing up and shouting in hopes of a better life, or trying to sit down and observe. Unsure of where to find comfort.

Our collective experiences brought us to this day and the ones to follow. We are together in a burning forest, watching and feeling the fire, the heat is unavoidable.

We try to disassociate and live a single day in joy or anger, but the next day will be filled with emotions separate from the day before. We survive because that’s who we are.

This fire is no one single persons responsibility.

Let us plant new seeds. We give the same, understanding equality.

It is no remarkable concurrence that we are between these stars and dirt together. We are gold and silver, and the rock from which it was harvested.

I am with you when you fall, I am with you when you rise again. You have always given me the sustenance to plant another seed.

Deborah Drouin

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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