As transfers from the Los Angeles area 25 years ago, we were totally blown away by the positive and professional response by our local Golder Ranch Fire Department to a not serious but very annoying incident. Our power went out and stayed out for awhile on Dec. 12. This triggered our smoke detectors to react.

One of our alarms is located on a ceiling at least 18 feet high, with batteries changed almost 10 years ago due to not being accessible — this triggered all of our seven alarms to go off at a deafening level. We called the department, they responded immediately and shut down the noise. I purchased new alarms and they had them replaced (with their big ladders) within two hours of the initial problem. I can't believe there is anywhere else you could find this kind of support. Thank you, Golder Ranch and Oro Valley.

Roger and Susie Priem

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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